Thursday, August 25, 2011

So close....

I've included a photo of my latest efforts, taken with my camera even though I have my real camera with me. Oh well, you get the picture.I've finished all of the plates except for the bottom row (minus the one second from the left) and I'm really close to finishing. I wanted to have so much more of the show ready for the time that school started again. This was hampered by the minor renovations in the costume shop and I didn't want to add to the mess by pulling costumes. Anyway. Here are all of the costumes for Proof, but it will probably change because that's what usually happens in theatre. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I've rendered an ENTIRE show. Shoot.
The past week and a half has been interesting and busy. James has been working at the Landfill and in Roosevelt. Why Roosevelt? It has something to do with cacti that have been threatened and a group of people has been tracking them. Seriously. I've been working on my renderings, trying not to go crazy. I've never done this many in so short a period of time. It almost makes me wonder if I've been lazy during the past five semesters. I'm going to hope the answer is "no" because I feel like I've really worked hard on my MFA.

Did I mention school starts on Monday? It's my last first day of school EVER.

Holy insert-favorite-curse-word-here.

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