Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Moon...not nearly...

I just saw this movie:

I will admit that I enjoyed it in the same way I enjoy milk chocolate or wonder bread: it doesn't really do anything nutritionally for me but it sure tastes good. I enjoyed watching the film and it didn't seem as long as the actual running time.

1. WHAT is up with the stupid sound effects that go along with the "sparkling?" Can't they just look like they were attacked by a glitter gun or like they fell face first into a MAC counter? Why include a sound?

2. There is a certain scene that involves running and a forest and Bella and Edward in pastel clothes. Why oh WHY was Edward in a dorky, cream colored vest? Really, Tish Monaghan, REALLY? (Apart from that, well done. Much improved from the first film.)

3. Continuity. I realize that the budget was a lot bigger and better for this film than the first but was it totally necessary to give both the nomads almost complete make-overs? Sure Laurent's dreads looked better and he really rocked the Paul Smith-ish suit but I nearly didn't recognize him! Don't get me started with Victoria! Do you really expect us to believe that during all the plotting and planning that she took time out to visit the salon to really punch up her hair color? Her wardrobe changed too, less killer-hippie, more Anthropologie.

Glutton for punishment or careful attention to detail?

You decide!
The resist work on a kimono for Issun Boshi
and pencil renderings for a design studies project.Allegedly this makes it easier to paint later...I hope. It's going to be a long week.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese...

I sat on the floor of my room doing something I used to do as a kid: sit really close to the heating vent. Granted, when I was a kid I would drape a blanket over it as well but it was warm enough without one. I don't know how the situation could have gotten better, 30 Rock, polka dot pajamas, and the heating vent.

I felt like I needed that at the end of today, we got a lot done in the shop. However, before I got to the shop I snapped the following colorful pictures:

I think this was some kid's homework from the elementary school. I loved the pattern the bleeding colors created!
Apparently the walls in the theatre department were this color once upon a time:
Sheesh! I'm actually glad for the boring white walls!
Our last show of the semester is quickly approaching, we go into dress rehearsal on MONDAY before breaking for Thanksgiving and then picking up with more dress rehearsals. It was my pleasure to work with one version of the main character, Issun.
Your eyes do not decieve you, this is a PUPPET! Little Issun is wearing a preliminary costume called a mock-up, it helps us to see if the costume is going to work based on the pattern. We use cheap fabric such as muslin rather than using the "real" or fashion fabric. It was a good thing that I made a mock-up because the sleeves were too short and the pants were waaaay too long. I also needed to know where the mechanical elements were going to be attached.
This is a view of the puppet and the pattern pieces. After I took this picture I made marks on the mock-up and then took the mock-up apart so the altered pieces could become the pattern pieces for the final version.
We use "high-tech" materials in the costume shop such as scotch tape. It is VERY technical.And the finished product! The fabric is actually a scaled down version of the pattern used on the actor's costume. A photo of the pattern was scanned into PhotoShop, scaled down, printed on heat transfer paper and ironed on to muslin. It's really cool!
In addition to working on the costumes I've also been helping with the wigs for the show. I'm not sure how authentic they are but I'm pleased with the results!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hodgepodge of stuff

Okay folks, this entry is basically just a bunch of stuff that has been kicking around for a while. Why don't we let the old stuff go first?

One of the many reasons why Utah State is a great school: the views. I took this picture as I was walking home. I love the color combination!

I have no idea what this next object is but I saw it as I walked across campus with my friend Molly:
It's sort of a covered motorized bicycle. I thought it was fascinating! It looks like a little space ship!

Photo #3 is a sort of familiar face. Now he has more than just a face and hands!
It's our friendly neighborhood dementor!
I finally brought him home from school (thanks Brandee!) and now he sits in our front room. So far he has scared at least three people. You don't really expect to see a big blue skeleton in a cloak on a couch, I guess.

Walking to school in the COLD wind! Why are all of the universities in Utah built so close to canyons? Ugh. (And another ugh to the picture.)

Finally, I took this picture while I was working on my renderings.

I'm not sure why I look so happy, I was pretty sick of painting.

I'm going to pace myself better for this last project, it means working everyday but hopefully I won't have to scramble to get everything done.

Did anyone see Monday's episode of Castle? Mitchum Huntzberger AND Duck Phillips guest starred! I was so excited! .....anyone?

I think I have watched too much TV during my lifetime.

P.S. I have added links for people who had no idea what I was referring to with my last Monday's episode of Castle.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

An open letter to the Gap

Dear Gap,

I would like to thank you for collaborating with Stella McCartney for your latest collection. I love her designs and I am very excited that they will be available at an affordable price. There is a lovely selection of jackets:

graphic t-shirts:

pretty blouses:

and cozy cardigans:
Why, oh why was it for Gapkids? Do kids really need silk shirts and cashmere cardigans? Will they appreciate the workmanship? Is there anyway I can get in on the action?

Sincerely (and sadly,)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday Weekend

I had a pretty packed weekend. It was completely worth it though. I left Logan early on Friday and drove home to my parent's house so I could decorate a cake with my sister for my niece. Hilary and her family arrived the day before so she had a majority of the baking done before I arrived. They also made several neat tissue paper decorations (I should probably note that Hil has set the bar pretty high for first birthdays. I hope when I have kids that it isn't at a ridiculous height.)
We chose to follow the color scheme of the flowers when we decorated the cake.
It took a lot of effort to dye the batches of fondant but I think it worked out! We altered the design quite a bit but I think it was still a success.
The cake wasn't super-sized, Avery is just pocket sized. I don't think she liked the candle that much:
Luckily, her parents helped her blow out the candle.
I think she enjoyed the cake though.

The Birthday Girl and her beautiful mother:

Josh and Hilary also took Avery trick or treating to a couple of houses in my parent's neighborhood. Everyone got in on the act:
Ave makes a cute, if distracted, little monkey.