Monday, August 1, 2011

One year! (Almost)

As of this Sunday, James and I will be married for ONE YEAR. It's flown by and I am so thankful that I married such a wonderful man. I mean, he's fantastic. I finished James' present on Friday and wrapped it the next day at my parent's house. We loaded it into the car on Sunday and drove home. Once we got home my excitement got the better of me and I gave James his present, early. Here is a play by play of the happenings...

Yes, it is wedding paper but I added "anniversary" so it's legit. Right?
James and his excited face.
Getting closer...
I got the idea from my cool friend Amanda who made one for her husband two years ago. I only had to buy one extra Scrabble board and the shadow box so it wasn't too bad, cost-wise. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Mid 6 had a gig on Saturday at the usual place. This gig was different because it was a benefit for a girl named Jillyn Larsen who is fighting cancer. A lot of people came and the band sounded great! I took a video but I'm not going to post it because the sound quality is awful. The band sounded a lot better than the video.
Anyway, I don't usually go to gigs because of the venue but I'm glad I went this time because...
  1. it reminded me of why James plays in the band, he LOVES music
  2. it was a benefit to help someone with cancer and cancer sucks.
It's the last week of Lyric so we're going to go see "Amadeus" in a few minutes. I filled in last week and it is a LONG show. Maybe it just seemed long because I just wanted to go home to my husband. Probably.

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Jeff and Whitney said...

I cant believe you are coming up on the one year mark! What a cute gift idea. :)