Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This isn't meant to offend but...

As a casual watcher of "American Idol" I was really kind of pissed off tonight when Carly was voted off. She did really well last night and she was STILL voted off? I guess the voters must have been deaf because did they not hear Jason and Brooke? Jason was horrible, he was off time, and he sounded like he was singing out of his nose. I usually like Brooke, she has a Carly Simon vibe to her. I wasn't buying it last night. She seemed like she was teetering on the edge of bursting into tears during the song. It might have been the fact that she stopped at the beginning and started again. Heck, I would be terrified to be on national television much less sing.

In other reality show news, Lauren was voted off America's Next Top Model. I couldn't figure out why she was still there, she was photogenic but that was about all she had going for her. It's hard to say who is going to win because there are several girls who seem to be doing well. Katarzyna (sp?) looks a lot better now that her hair is short. It's so cute that I almost feel inspired to cut my hair to the same length. I probably won't because I'm trying to grow it out. Anya is really funny. She's won the most recent competitions and her pictures turn out. I like that she seems like a genuinely nice person, maybe not the smartest, but very sweet. Her accent cracks me up. I think Fatima got screwed over last week. How didn't the producer of the show know that he had set an appointment up at the embassy at the same time as the photo shoot? I guess it makes for good television.

I wonder when the new season of Project Runway will start...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

It may be two weeks before finals but...

During the past week I have indulged in an old hobby: cake decorating. I think I watched one too many episodes of "Ace of Cakes" and got over a nasty cold. Apparently the end result is cake decorating, for this week at least. First I made pig faces on our Sunday dessert left overs.

Then, on Monday I continued with the pig theme and made pig cupcakes. They were adorably delicious due to the fact they were pumpkin spice.

A phone call to my grandma resulted in an eclectic flower topped chocolate cake with white frosting.

Finally, I made my sister Hilary a purse shaped cake for her birthday. It was a little early but she was up this weekend with Josh so we celebrated early. I tried to model it after a Coach purse but it didn't work quite as well as I was hoping. I'm still figuring it out.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What to do, what to do?

I registered two days ago for possibly my last semester of school...ever. I haven't made my decision about going to Graduate school or not. There are so many pros and cons! The biggest con is that I'm tired of school. The biggest pro is that I have this opportunity now and I feel like maybe I should try for it. Anyhoo. Fortunately most schools don't start until fall, so I have over a year until it would start. I also still have to take the GRE and update my portfolio. In related news I have a week and a half until finals week. I just need to dig in and keep doing my homework. It seems like it will never end but the end is in sight. Even though it looks a little invisible.

In unrelated news I have been given the nickname Bella at work. As in Bella Swan from those books by Stephenie Meyer. I didn't realize that I was such a clutz and kooky. I guess you learn something new each day.

And lastly, I'm trying a new acne treatment, it's by Clean and Clear. I've been on it for less than a week and I'm not sure if I can tell a difference. I'll keep using it and maybe it will work. It really sucks having acne at the age of almost twenty-five. I feel like a kid! Apparently it makes me look younger because two months ago I had the following conversation with a professor:

Me: (walks in wearing an "I voted!" sticker)
Professor: You voted? Are you old enough to vote?
Me: Uh, I voted in the last presidental election.
Professor: How old ARE you???

It's strange that a think like bad skin makes me feel like a kid. I bet if I was skinny it would REALLY throw people for a loop. Then I would have that whole teenager look going along with my bad skin. Huh.