Thursday, November 22, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012


The following items are currently missing:
Mina's white hat with bear ears on top
My long sleeved white tee shirt
Mina's rose headband
My mini Fresh rose lip balm
Mina's bow headband (found!)
Mina's grey striped shoe socks
My mind
My car keys, luckily I have a spare set

I think that is about it.

Dress rehearsals are this week for Five Carols and JingleJacks. I'm thankful we have Thanksgiving off!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Busy, busy, BUSY!

Somehow November is almost half over.  I'm not sure how this has happened.  Maybe the fact that I have been really busy is to blame.  Here are some things that have been taking up my time...

Day light savings time.
  Okay, technically this has added time but when you are feeding a baby at 2 AM, early is early.

Being politically involved
Luckily I didn't have to drive up to Providence to vote even though I missed the deadline for registration.  Something about moving a week after giving birth will lead to oversights, like, updating your address on your drivers license.  I managed to update our Netflix and my InStyle subscription but NOT my license.  I know where my priorities lie...

Mina is becoming slightly more mobile.  Watch out!
I've made a couple of trips up to Weber State's Costume Shop, check out their serger area.  It is so pretty and well organized.
The reason for visiting the Weber costume shop?  I'm in the middle of designing a show.  It's a pair of one act Christmas musicals called "Five Carols for Christmas" and "JingleJacks."  Jim Christian is directing his show at CenterPoint Theatre in Centerville and I'm the lucky one who gets to design the costumes. 

Four of the five Carols

The JingleJacks
The show opens a week from next Monday November 26th closes Saturday December 22nd. Tickets are available at the Box Office and on-line (click here.)  The show is double cast so you can see it twice!  

And a funny picture I found while looking for a pencil:
Early 90's at its finest. I was so blonde and my teeth were so tiny.  I can't remember when I started losing my baby teeth, obviously after this picture was taken.