Thursday, August 4, 2011

It worked!

I used a tutorial I found on Delia's blog to make a button for my portfolio. If I really knew what I was doing I would know how to make one without the copy box below. I think it looks a whole lot neater than just a line that says "click here."

In other great news (and much more important) James received a tuition waiver for this fall! We are so excited about it. James is very low key about it all. He's so modest.

I'm slowing chugging my way through my Plan B report. I really want to have a good solid draft for my committee to read and then tear apart with re-writes. It has become my lima beans on my dinner plate, standing in the way of dessert. Although in this case 'dessert' is making stuff and knowing I have a huge hurdle behind me.

Being a "genius" I realized that I could use the text in the copy box and make a button for my profile without the copy box. Awesome.

Carry on...

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Candice J said...

I appreciated all of your work. (I like the "appreciate me" button. You're amazing!!