Sunday, August 14, 2011

Phone dump part deux

Yesterday James and I went to Cherry Hill for a family reunion and to help his brother-in-law watch our nephews and niece while they swam. It was fun but I got sunburned. Toasty. It really hurts.

And now, the phone dump:
Lyric closed, oh, over a week ago. I snapped a few pictures on my phone of the set:
and the plant:We had just one car at strike so we shoved everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) in our car. Good thing we didn't have James' drums in there too!

This next picture is from a while ago when I was visiting my parents. It was HOT!

During the past week I hung out with my mother-in-law and we worked on some upcoming birthday cakes. We made items out of fondant and gum paste powder. I used food markers on the seed packets:James and I took a quick trip up to a cute shop in Preston called Suppose. I bought some really cute fabric and I'll post a picture when I finish the project.
This is a really old picture from our last place. James sent me flowers when he went on a field trip with the engineering department. He's really sweet.
This one is random but I shot this last night while we were channel surfing. Can you believe this guy's hair?

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Malina said...

Ha! My husband and I totally make fun of that guy's hair every time we see him on for sports.