Friday, March 26, 2010


I have found a pair of shoes that will be perfect for my wedding. Metallic ballet flats that are elegant enough but not so stodgy that I wouldn't be able to wear them again and again afterwards. AND I really like the funny white alligator on the side. It's white for the wedding!
The only problem is which color do I choose?

This one:

Or this one:

So far I have 1 vote for the lavender pair and 2 votes for the goldish pair. I think both are great but I would like some comments, please!


Thursday, March 25, 2010


I can't figure out for the life of me why my last posting is so messed up, lettering wise. It is sort of really bugging me.

Other thoughts:
  • James and I looked at an apartment last night. It was kind of surreal. Surreal like ring shopping or dress shopping. It's hard to believe it is actually happening. I feel like I have been single forever, which is sort of true because over 20 years of solid memories kind of constitutes that.
  • My roommate's grandparents arrived home yesterday from their mission. They are really nice and I hope I don't feel too awkward about living in their basement until May.
  • I think I have a cold that I have almost beat into submission. It isn't a full blown cold but it's enough that my voice sounds funny and my throat hurts. Gross.
  • Planning a wedding is sort of for the birds. I understand why people elope. (DON'T WORRY, WE ARE NOT ELOPING!)

That's about it, folks.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I found my wedding dress today!
We went back to Bridal Image in Bountiful on Saturday after visiting several other stores on Saturday. I love it!

No pictures though.


Spring break is over now and we're headed back up to Logan tomorrow. I'm sure the semester will be over before I know it and then it will be the Lyric season and then our wedding! I'm sure the time will fly.


Here is a hint of what my dress looks like:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Prints and dresses

I went to Target this week and I fell in love with this:
Not so much these but they are really cute!
This smelled FANTASTIC and it was really cute:
I didn't technically see this but isn't it great?
Liberty of London has launched a line with Target and it is just pure happiness. Honestly, I was in a good mood just from all of the cute prints plastered everywhere. I even had an extended conversation about the prints with the lady in front of me in the check out line. We shared our admiration of the colors and shapes. I recommend a trip to see all the cute stuff before it sells out.

Something that didn't make me as happy was the experience of wedding dress shopping last night. I think there were a couple of factors that made it less than ideal. Prepare yourself for the list:
  1. I have been sewing since I was a kid. I have been consistently making costumes since 2003 so I have an idea of how clothes go together. As a consequence, I have a hard time looking at a dress because all I can see now is ALTERATIONS! I tried on a really pretty dress last night but all I could focus on was the fact that in order to fix the shoulder seams, the sleeves would have to be completely taken out and reset. Plus the hem could be a nightmare if I want to get rid of the train.
  2. Pushy saleswomen. I know it is your job but if I say, "I don't want a dress with a poofy skirt" or "I really hate trains" that doesn't mean my secret ambition is to wear a dress with a gigantic skirt and a massive train. I don't want to look like a mushroom or one of those cakes where the cake is a skirt and there is a Barbie shoved in the middle.
  3. Polyester. I'm getting married in August, I don't want to suffocate in synthetic fabrics.
  4. Beading. I really don't like a lot of beading. Or any for that matter. It's not my favorite.
  5. What do I like? Well, this dress, with short sleeves, made out of silk dupioni.
It's an option but we are going to go shopping on Saturday to try to find something. Does anyone know of a fantastic shop?

Comments are strongly encouraged!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Jumbo-Tron, a Bottle of Milk and a Toilet Seat

When I arrived home today I noticed something was amiss. Our friendly dementor had been moved from his usual post on an arm chair and was sitting in the middle of the room. I figured my roommate had moved it as a joke (because nothing is funnier than a dementor in your front room.) As it turned out, the dementor was sitting on a box that had my name on it. My boyfriend, James, pointed it out as I was walking into the kitchen to get my mail. I should have known something was up.
Inside the first box was a toilet seat (new, don't worry) on top of another box. I realized that this was a nod to a high school dance asking out thingy (I can't think of a better term.) James had mentioned that in high school one of his friends asked a girl to prom by giving her a toilet with a note, "Will you toilet seat go to the prom with me?" Funny. Inside that box was another one with a bottle of milk taped to the top of it. This one was a reference to a proposal idea our friend Emily had that involved dropping the ring in the milk and making me drink it. This isn't a good idea for a couple of reasons, one of which is lactose intolerance. Very funny. There was yet another box, this time it was emblazoned with pictures of a Jumbo-tron. I had previously shot down the idea of a basketball game proposal. I think it's tacky and if you are so worried about being rejected that you have to propose infront of a crowd, maybe she's not the right girl. Just saying. There wasn't another box after that one, just a wonderfully sweet book about us. The last page had a picture of James, kneeling and holding the ring box. When I looked up, he was in the same position and he asked me to marry him.
I said yes, of course.
We're getting married Saturday, August 7th at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.
I am really exicted and so is James.

Can you tell?

Monday, March 8, 2010

And another one..

Another picture of James and me.

More info to come but some are already in the know....
Is the suspense killing anyone else but me?