Monday, January 26, 2015

Closets and Clothes

When we bought our house and started on the renovations, we removed all the closet doors. They were ugly, dated and not very functional. The lack of closet doors has been good motivation to keep our closets tidy. However, that isn't always the case. May I present exhibit A, Magnus' closet:
Granted, this was right after Christmas so there isn't usually a big slide box in his closet. But, you get the idea that his closet had become the dumping ground for all our extra stuff. I think his closet has bothered me because I have spent a lot of time nursing Magnus in a chair that sits across from his closet. 
This is exhibit B, my inspiration for Magnus' closet. I love how it is clean and organized and pretty enough to leave the doors open all the time. We're doing the closet make-over gradually. Step one involved removing extra shelving, adding brackets, patching holes and painting. 
The next steps will include getting rid of junk, buying a storage system and organizing. I'm really excited for this project!

Despite appearances, Mina has been growing. She has outgrown a lot of her church clothes so I whipped up a few dresses. I've been trying to use up my fabric stash so it's been good for everyone!
I used a medium weight denim to make a trapeze dress. This style is great for a busy toddler who loves pockets! I followed the denim dress with a collared, flannel version. 
I used a vintage piece so it's very soft. I was concerned that it might look too much like a nightgown. If it's ironed it looks less like pajamas. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

A coat, a bag and a dress

Every so often I like to go back through my work book and check off projects. I have a few that I haven't finished but most have been completed. I designed a romper for Mina last summer that probably won't ever be realized, it's a little "young" looking. I feel okay with that, most of my designs are eventually realized. 

For Christmas this year we drew names among the grandkids. Magnus drew Graham's name. I talked to Hil about a gift and we decided a sweater coat would be a good gift. 
We talked about the design and I put pen to paper and got to work. I used thrifted sweaters as the coat fabric and flannel as the lining. 
I am so happy with the results! I love how the color blocking makes the design pop. 
The little buttons on the sleeve tabs are from my random stash. I purchased the toggles especially for this coat. 
I feel like this is my most successful coat. I learned so many things with previous coats and I poured all that knowledge into this coat. 

I recently made my first duffle bag. I have made simple totes and messenger bags in the past but nothing like this. It was a fun project and it really made me think about the process. 
I discussed the design with my brother's friend and he bought the materials. 
The lining was kind of tricky because there was a zippered pouch inside the bag.  It was a fair amount of work but it was a really great opportunity to try something new. 

My parents gained 4 grandchildren this year and I was lucky enough to make outfits for all of them. Kate's blessing dress was my most recent project. I used the same cotton sateen as the previous outfits as well as some pretty beaded trim. Jordan and Lindsey both wanted a simple dress with a fuller skirt and a detail at the waist. 
I suggested the addition of grow tucks near the skirt hem. I think they look so nice and they have the added benefit of giving the skirt some weight so it hangs beautifully. 
I used fold over elastic for the headband and made a bow out of leftover fabric from the dress. Lindsey picked out some really pretty buttons for the back of the dress. I kind of wish we had added some to the front!

Upcoming projects include...
Coats for the kids. Mina has been wearing her coats from last year and Magnus has been wearing warm layers. If I don't make each kid a coat, I will at least make one for Magnus. 

Oh Christmas stockings. I'm committed to do it, it will happen by next Christmas!