Monday, July 30, 2012

Orange! and Olympics!

This is the last time I'm going to mention this but...
Suitsupply really hit it out of the park.

Much better than the US (sorry Ralph Lauren)

 or Great Britain.

Initially I was really confused when I saw these outfits because I had heard Stella McCartney was the designer (they were designed by Next.)  Turns out she designed the competition uniforms, in a continued collaboration with Adidas.
I think these are pretty cool. 

In other news, there's not much to report.  Still no baby, just aches and pains and irregular contractions.  Nothing like pain that does nothing... 2 weeks until the due date.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Marvelous Wonderettes and James

Midvale Art's production of The Marvelous Wonderettes closed on Saturday after a great run. The cast and crew did a great job!   There was a really nice review on the Utah Theatre Bloggers Website.  Check it out here!  My parents, James' parents and Jordan and Lindsey came with us closing night to see the show.  We went to Morelia before and it was so good, as usual.  Due to the fact that the producer is a family friend, James was pulled on stage not once but twice as "Mr. Lee."  He was not terribly excited but he hid it well.  When they came the first time he held up my left hand and pointed to my stomach.  It was really funny.
The girls serenading James 

The dresses from West Side Story looked so good!
I'm sure he thought he was safe after that but the girls got him again for Act II.  This time when James went up on stage he took his ring off, funny.
It was at this point that I told James he wasn't off the hook

They got him again!
My husband is such a good sport

I can't believe I'll be 37 weeks on Wednesday.  My Mom had me at 37 weeks so I'm a little nervous for this week.  Looks like I should be really productive so I can get things out of the way.  Although, knowing my luck I'll be really productive and she'll be late.  Ironic.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blogging from my phone

It has been HOT the past few days. Usually it wouldn't bug me but I have been outside for dress rehearsals for "The Marvelous Wondrettes.". Here are some pics, it opens Friday.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 4th of July and Happy Birthday to me!

James and I had a classic Kaysville 4th of July.  Or at least we tried.  I went to the annual breakfast with my parents and Lauren at the DATC.  James didn't go with us because he was golfing with his Dad, uncles and cousins.  I was glad he was able to go this year, he missed out last year because I had to work.  James invited my Dad to go as well but my Dad declined, saying he doesn't cuss enough to golf.  

After the breakfast I took a nap and I woke up when James finished golfing.  We went to the parade but left before it even started because it was so hot.  I was starting to feel sick and I didn't want to sit in the sun for an hour.  We walked back to my parent's house and sat in the cold basement.  I drank lots of water and put my feet up.  

We went to his aunt and uncle's house in Clinton for a BBQ with family.  We stayed for a few hours and then went back to Kaysville for another BBQ.  My Mom's sisters all drove up from Utah county and my grandparents came too.  We celebrated the 4th and a couple of birthdays; my Grandpa's 79th and my 29th.
I should have waited a few more minutes until everything was on the counter...
Me and Grandpa...should have taken another picture, this one is not great of either of us.

Afterwards we ate dessert, lots of dessert.  My aunt Emily made two really good cakes and I made a Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova.  It turned out the best out of any of my previous pavlovas.  I know I "shouldn't" have made my own birthday cake but I had time the night before while James was at band practice and I love to cook!

We walked up and looked at the booths in the soccer field, and talked to a few people.  There was a band playing when we were there and I didn't think they were that great.  I told James that Mid 6 was better.  Soon after that comment was made my Mom told James that Mid 6 was better than the other band.  I think they are pretty good.  We went back to the house and lounged around until the fireworks started.  We watched from the backyard because we didn't want to fight the crowds and my parents had taken the parade blankets home with them.  Usually they leave them and we watch the fireworks from our parade spot.  I wonder how next year with a baby will be.  Will we even be in Utah?

The next day we went back up to Logan after eating breakfast with my Mom.  She made baked oatmeal for my birthday and it was SO GOOD.  I think I could have eaten the whole pan (not a great idea.)  After a quick stop at home I went to the costume shop and James went to the lab.  I worked on a really fun (and slightly frustrating) sequinned dress for "Lend Me A Tenor."  I had wanted to finish it (or at least get the major seams sewn) by the end of the day.  I had to leave early for a doctor's appointment so I was hoping I would have enough time to go back to the shop before the end of the day.  The appointment went really well (nothing to report) and I was back with enough time to finish the major seams.

After I got home I waited for James to finish up at the lab.  When I got to the kitchen I noticed this:
He used the S and the A from his birthday banner

My husband is too funny.  After he got home he gave me my birthday presents.  I thought it was really funny that he taped everything down in the box and decorated the edge with tissue paper.  Even more hilarious was the fact that he even taped the free samples in the box with the items.  I love him so much.
The key chain in the upper right corner is a replacement for my current one.  I lost most of the robots on my first one!

We ate dinner at Le Nonne and then bought some ice cream afterwards.  I ended up taking the rest to work to share the next day.  I figured we didn't really NEED to have another container of ice cream in our freezer.  Plus, I would have likely eaten most of it by myself and then felt sick afterwards.  Anyway!  I finished the sequinned dress the next day and finished off the jacket that goes over the dress.  It wasn't easy to put a zipper in a dress like that but I managed.  I was just glad that the designer picked fabric with soft sequins so I didn't have to remove the sequins from the seams and then reapply them by hand.

While you probably can't tell from the finished product, I used a Butterick pattern based on Pippa Middleton's dress from the Royal Wedding.
We omitted the neck drape and the train but it has the same style lines!  I kind of want to make another one, it was a pretty easy pattern to sew.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


The past two weeks have been jam packed with costumes.
Last week I spent the whole week at the USU costume shop, subbing for Jared at the Lyric.  We got things ready for "Big River" and I worked on a whole lot of projects.  Including replacing the existing closures in the back of this dress with buttons and button holes.  I also made a bonnet.  Isn't Avery the CUTEST?
I would post a few other pictures of my other projects but one was sort of embarrassing.  It was for the Nonesuch. In a week I made: a tunic, a pair of pumpkin pants (adapted from an existing pattern,) a vest, a bonnet, two black skirts, I attached patches to the tunic and I made a tube top.  For a guy.  With a big fake breast on it.  It was sort of awkward.  Here is a rendering from another production by Tan Huaixiang, author of "Character Costume Figure Figure Drawing."  
Louella's design wasn't as low cut so you didn't see the nipple
The next week I split my time between working on "The Marvelous Wonderettes" and additonal work at the Lyric.  On Monday I bought fabric for mock ups and a pattern that I altered to fit all three girls (it seemed to work pretty well.)  
I usually don't draft patterns in pink ink for this very reason

Tuesday was a CRAZY day.  I put the mock ups together for the fittings that evening, this took from 8-3, with a few breaks.  I was sewing like a crazy person but I was able to put two dresses together as well as a pair of pants and a jacket.  I should have cut the pieces out on Monday but I got too late of a start.  On my way to Midvale I voted.  Because I didn't have enough to do that day, apparently.
I stopped at JoAnn's to buy fabric and necessary notions for the costumes.  I thought I would have enough time to stop and get a decent dinner but I didn't.  Good thing there is a Maverik gas station across the street from the theatre!  Fittings went well, I have some alterations to finish but it's nothing I can't handle.  The girls seemed impressed that I was making a few of the costumes.  It's funny because that was so commonplace while I was in school.  I guess that's community theatre for you!  After fittings I went with the producer and we finished shopping for the show.  I owe Steph a HUGE thank you for that.  She is fantastic.  As a result of the impromptu shopping trip after fittings I left Midvale at 10:30.  And I-15 was a mess.  And I got home after midnight.  And I worked at 8:30 the next morning.  Luckily, my husband is a champ so he stayed on the phone and talked to me the whole way home so I didn't fall asleep or anything.  I love him so much!

Wednesday and Thursday were spent in the costume shop working on Lyric stuff.  We've moved on to "Lend Me A Tenor" and it is going to be really beautiful.  I made a mock up of the black dress out of tricot (shudder) so we can get an idea of the drape of the silk that will actually be used.
I think the lines are so elegant in all of these pieces
I was back in the shop on Friday but on personal business.  I cut out the fashion fabric for the Wonderettes costumes and serged all the pieces.  That also took all day.  I'm really glad Louella let me come in and use their cutting tables and machines.  I have been so spoiled working in two great shops.  Maybe one day I'll have a nice sewing room with a cutting table and a serger and an ironing space and.... (I can dream, right?)

And that brings us to Saturday.  I finished the jacket and pants, a feat that also took a good chunk of the day.  I took a picture as I prepared to put the green costume together.  The gray looking fabric is actually a really pretty green, I don't know why it showed up as that nasty grey-green color.  I guess I could blame instagram.
My sometimes trusty Babylock machine.  Hey, it was free, I shouldn't complain

Our family room closet is currently jam packed with costumes.  I still need to steam the petticoats but I'll wait because then they will take up even MORE room!

And I guess that is about it.  I also had a doctor's appointment at 32 weeks.  You can read about it here if you want.  My next one is scheduled for Thursday, I'll be 34 weeks and one year closer to 30.