Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm a terrible blogger

I don't know if it's the sunburn talking but I forgot to mention a couple of things that happened during the past week. James worked four days this past week because he took the week beforehand off. Our friends, Emily and Ryan, got married and we didn't want to miss it. It was really nice to have James home a whole week. Commuting like that sucks. During our travels of last week we made some stops on the way to Midvale. Our first stop was to Kaysville to say hi to my parents and to admire the new paint in the entry way. I'm not going to lie, I didn't notice the new paint because it's so close to the former color. I did notice the trim paint though. Our other stop was in Salt Lake to pick up this beauty:

Behold! Our wedding album!

It's massive and shiny and it looks so great.

I am really, really, REALLY happy with how it all turned out. Becky Reed at Ravenberg photography was responsible. If you have an event coming up or you need new family pictures, contact her. Seriously. She was so great.

James and I also made homemade pasta with his Mom's pasta maker. It was really fun and it might be a Christmas possibility. I figure I can write stuff like that on here because James doesn't read my blog (usually.)
I really like that it's a hand crank design, the "extruder" type sort of creeps me out. I think it's because it reminds me of playdough and the toys associated with it.

Another thing, Pinterest kind of bums me out sometimes. I realize that I won't always be in school and that I will eventually graduate and no longer be a student but MAN it seems to take a long time! (almost as long to read that last sentence.) There are so many fun recipes to try, crafts to make, things to try; it makes me kind of depressed to know that James and I are going to be students for two more semesters. Only TWO. I should hang on to that and stop griping.

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Mechelle said...

Pasta machine- that would be an awesome christmas gift! Wedding album, awesome! I read your blog but don't always post- but just so you know- I love your dress design for Shabby Apple- I would totally buy and wear it! good luck and Congrats on your anniversary ( a little bit ago!)