Thursday, August 26, 2010

How has it been almost three weeks?

James and I finally got internet at our apartment in Logan, horray! However, last time I tried to hook up my camera to upload my pictures, the computer reset. Huh.
Here is a list of things that have happened in the last three weeks:

1. James and I got married! It was a windy day but it was perfect!
2. We went to Ouray, Colorado on our honeymoon. We stayed here, Mike and Joyce are great!
3. While in Ouray we went on a Jeep tour.
4. It was terrifying. Need proof?

We went down those VERY narrow passes in a truck with 4 wheel drive, courtesy of this great company.

It was really exciting but scary. If you want a really good description, ie, one where you actually want to book this tour, ask James. Seriously though, it was really exciting and probably a once in a lifetime opportunity or something like that.

5. We opened up our wedding gifts AND wrote thank you cards.
6. We still need to deliver them...
7. We moved all of our new stuff into the apartment.
8. James and I went to the Scorpion's concert with his sister and her husband and brother in law. Holy cow, for a bunch of old guys, they were amazing! (Three of the guys are 60+)
9. We played Lego StarWars, a lot. We bought a Wii with part of our gift cards.
10. We visited family. I love family.

That brings things just about up to speed. School starts on Monday. Grad school for both of us!
Wish us luck!

And, 11. I love James and I can't believe I got so lucky to marry such a wonderful guy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

We're getting married in the morning...

I've sworn my fiancé away from my blog for the next...16 hours (yipes!) so he will still be surprised when he sees me tomorrow. I'm finally posting some of my bridal pics, courtesy of the wonderful and lovely Becky of Ravenberg Photography. We took them at Trolley Square and a few outside places. I am really thrilled how they turned out!

Funny story: according to my brother Alex, my hair made me "look like a first lady, circa 1935." Meh. I did it myself and I'm really happy how it turned out!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Four days? Eeep!

The wedding is in four days and I'm really excited.
However, I have been having some troubling thoughts lately.

Thoughts that have crept up in the past.

Thoughts that usually lead to heartache.

Scary thoughts.

Thoughts of an old addiction.
I think I want bangs.

I really thought I had kicked this idea because I haven't had the best track record. If you need proof, check out this entry from November of 2008. Or this one from the same month.

Like any other addiction, I find myself rationalizing the behavior. "Maybe if I just get the right kind of bangs." "It's probably just that they were so short." "Maybe this time it will actually work out."

Needless to say, I'm not making any hair changes this week. There is comfort in the fact that my worried thoughts aren't about James, who I love so much I can't believe it, but they are about hair styles. Does that make me superficial? Probably.

I'm just glad I don't have cold feet.

In other news, I found these old pictures this morning.

Alex and Jordan