Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sweater jumpers

A little while ago Mina and I went to the DI with the specific goal to buy a wool sweater or two.  I wanted to make a cute jumper for Mina to wear to church.  Jumpers are great because they last a little while longer than a dress because you can swap out the shirt underneath.  I found two nice Merino wool sweaters for $10 total!  I love the DI. I also love argyle sweaters and I don't think there are many things cuter than a baby in something argyle. Since I had two sweaters I decided to combine them into one design.  Actually, two designs.  Sometimes I have many ideas and I need to put them on paper to figure out which one I like better.
A bit of patterning later and I had an almost finished jumper.  I just needed to finalize the size of the bow and the belt.
Also adorable? Peter pan collars.  I am a huge fan.
Mina was able to wear her new jumper the next Sunday.  I even made a bow headband to go with it.
Sorry about the quality, we used my phone and Mina is a very wiggly model.
I love the shoe-tights, they make getting dressed so easy!

The second jumper outfit was constructed from the same two sweaters but this one wasn't for Mina.  Last week in Relief Society we had a service auction and I auctioned off "a custom baby item."  The night was really fun, we all amassed points by taking a survey and then we bid on items. I won a really cute garland for Mina's room and the girl who made that won my item.  A week later and this is what she won:

The headband, jumper and booties, not the baby.  She has her own baby.
 I made the top of the jumper out of navy wool and the skirt and details out the red.  The headband and booties are made primarily from the red wool.

It's official, I need to learn how to take better pictures.  Anyone want to give me some pointers???