Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grandpa's funeral

We spent the weekend with my family, I just wish it would have been under happier circumstances. The viewing was on Friday night and it was actually kind of fun to see so many members of my Dad's extended family. It was also nice to be able to introduce James to great aunts and uncles. I'm glad we were able to be there to support my grandma.

There was another viewing the next day, before the funeral. It was well attended. My Dad gave the family prayer before the funeral. He did a really nice job and I teared up when called my Grandpa "Dad." Ever since my Dad was a teenager he has called his parents Boyd and LaRene rather than Mom and Dad. The only times he generally called them Mom and Dad was when something was wrong or serious.

Some of the beautiful flower arrangements at the viewing

My Dad talking to his uncle Joe by the display table
 My Grandma's brother Clark dedicated the grave and after that there were the military services.  There was the gun salute, the folding of the flag and the presenting of the flag and shells.  It was really interesting.  My Grandpa was in the army for two years during the Korean conflict but he served in Puerto Rico and California, I think.  Later, he worked for Hill Air Force Base for 30 years.
My sisters watching the services

Preparing to fold the flag

In case you can't tell from the pictures, it was really windy and cold.  After the graveside services we went back to the church for a luncheon.  It was really nice to spend the time with family.  My sisters took a lot of pictures at the viewing and luncheon.  I am too much of a chicken and a bad shot to be trusted with that responsibility.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Waiting in the lab

James needed to take a reading for his thesis project this morning so we stopped by the Water Research Lab. It's a lot of unknowns and science stuff. He knows what he's doing so that's all that matters.

We're heading to my parents' house as soon as we're done here. The viewing is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow. It still doesn't really seem real.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Boyd Keller 1933-2012

My grandpa, Milton Boyd Keller, passed away this morning.  It was a blessing that he didn't have to suffer very long and I think he was at peace.  The following are some pictures of my Grandpa at various stages of his life.
Boyd Keller 9 months old, winter 1933/34
The Keller Family, my grandpa is the teenager in the middle, wearing a suit. 1940's?

Boyd and LaRene in Millville, right before their marriage, 1957

Grandpa and Hilary, check out his sideburns!

Grandma and Grandpa with Hilary, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary 2007

The Keller Family, 2007 (Missing Jordan and Brandon, the missionaries)

Lindsey, Grandma, Grandpa and Jordan at Lindsey and Jordan's wedding, 2011
Alex and my Grandpa, I've always thought they looked similar...
The funeral will be this Saturday and a few of the grandkids have been asked to speak.  I'm looking forward to sharing memories of my funny Grandpa.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I feel so productive today. Sure, I slept in but once I got going I got going! Here is what I did today:

Wrote three blog posts, excessive. Two on this blog, one on the family blog

I made French onion soup, my favorite sort of crockpot soup.

I made homemade bread to go with the afore mentioned soup.

I did the grocery shopping, something that made me sick previously. I was really happy because I love grocery shopping.

I did not one, not two, but FOUR loads of laundry. And they aren't even sitting in laundry baskets, it's put away.

I did the dishes, put away the clean, cleaned up the dinner prep dishes....that kind of thing.

I think the second trimester is agreeing with me. I don't want to jinx myself but things are going well!


While I was working in the shop yesterday one of the students mentioned she was getting pageant photos taken at "This is the Place Historical Park."  I told her that we had our engagement pictures taken there and I was really happy with the results.  I think the biggest reason I enjoyed the experience so much (apart from James) was that we had a great photographer, Becky Reed.  We were able to relax and be ourselves.   You probably can't tell but it had rained almost all day so the ground was very wet and it was COLD. That is the reason why I have a jacket on in some of the pictures.  The results were a mix of funny, romantic, silly, appropriate and memorable pictures that I think perfectly document our excitement and love.  Here are a few of my favorite funny and nice pictures.

All pictures by Becky Reed of Ravenberg Photography

My parents have this one on their wall

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photos from my iPhone


Last week we went to a waste water treatment plant on our way home from Kaysville.  James and another grad student arranged to take a tour and I was lucky enough to come along.  It was actually much more interesting than I thought it would be and it didn't smell as bad as I previously thought.

I've been working in the costume shop, helping to get costumes ready for "The Pirates of Penzance."  We borrowed costumes from the Utah Shakespeare Festival, they performed it back in 2001 (you can see more photos here.)  At the end of last semester I took a paper pattern from one of the dresses and then altered it to fit the actresses cast in our production.  It was a bit of a challenge but thanks to great teachers and mentors it WORKED!
A very blurry photo of a polonaise, a drapey piece that goes in front, you can see an example here
Bustles, they look cuter with the dress and some foundation stuff underneath

Winter decided to come back to Cache Valley yesterday morning.  This is the result of four tries to get up our driveway in my Bug.  Luckily James parked his car in the driveway upstairs so we switched keys and took his car up to campus.  It was mostly melted by the time we went home that evening.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Initially James and I weren't going to do anything fancy for Valentines- no gifts, just a quiet dinner at home. When I got home from volunteering in the shop he suggested we go out to dinner. We went to our favorite place, the Tandoori Oven.

It is my favorite restaurant in Logan. We had to wait about fifteen minutes for a table (they were BUSY tonight) but it was worth it. We had the Valentine's special: lassis (a yogurt type drink,) an chicken appetizer (basically the best chicken nuggets ever,) an entree and a dessert (rice pudding.) James had the coconut lamb kurma and I had the chicken tikka masala. James teases me because I usually get the tikka and then steal some of his kurma. They are both really great!

Alex went to Mexico yesterday, his new home until December 2013! He was supposed to go last week but his paperwork hadn't cleared in time. I hope he gets a good trainer and enjoys the work.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What a day!!!

James left early this morning for a waste water conference and I haven't really fallen asleep since. Naturally I am very tired right now but I am EXCITED!  Why am I excited? Well...

Exhibit A: a toy stuck in my parent's tree. It's Mike Waszowski from Monsters Inc and I think it has been up there since the movie came out... I don't know, it was a while ago.

Exhibit B: "B" as in baby. Our first ultrasound was today and the baby's growth is right on track! I'm due August 15th so I'm 13 weeks along. We are so thrilled to be parents!
I also started a family blog a few months ago, you can find it here.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My brother the missionary

Thanks to some figuring, my brother was able to meet his friend at the MTC curb. Ale leaves for Mexico on Monday!