Thursday, June 26, 2008

Officially at WAR!

I went to the doctor this week and he sort of agreed with my suspicions about being lactose intolerant. It sort of sucks because I love dairy stuff. Anyway I'm feeling better and my stomach hasn't hurt in the last twenty-four hours. I tried some ginger herbal tea and it seemed to work. Hopefully I just needed to get whatever it was out of my system and I'll start feeling better and more like myself.

Has anyone else heard those commercials for Wendy's frosty shakes? They really bug me. Here's why:
1. They advertise the shakes as something that can make you happy, like sleeping in or day light savings. What about people who get mad stomach aches after eating dairy. I wasn't happy when I had stomache aches.
2. What the heck are "factory shakes?" They claim that their shakes are "made in front of you" not like one of those "factory shakes." I asked a co-worker and we couldn't figure it out.
3. I guess I only had two qualms.

Has anyone heard about the Lavender Festival in Mona, Utah? Apparently they have baking with lavender AND a lavender fairy. Where is Mona anyways?

Thursday, June 19, 2008


It boggles my mind when I think about things that have happened since I returned from my mission two years ago. I am going to graduate from Weber State University (FINALLY!) in December and then, I'll move to Logan to start graduate work at Utah State University. The technicalities haven't been worked out yet but I have a good start on it. I have an appointment to take the Millers Analogy Test next month and I started filling out my grad school application. After several e-mails and a few phone calls it sounds like it's going to work out. I wasn't planning on this when I got home from my mission. Heck, I wasn't even considering Logan last year. What happened? Get comfortable and I'll tell you.

Two years ago I thought I had a pretty good handle on my college career, I would take two years of french classes while finishing up my theatre and art classes. After that I might apply to BYU's grad program even though it meant waiting around for a year because they only admit grad students ever two years. Honestly I thought I would have gotten married or at least started dating seriously by the time graduation rolled around. It seemed like the natural course of things. After graduation I thought I would work for a while, get married (if it hadn't happened yet) and then be a full time Mom. That was sort of what I thought would happen when I finished up my mission.

There were some wrenches thrown into the cogs, mostly thrown by the sabbatical loving art department. You'd think that a university would find other people to teach classes so their students can graduate. Anyhoo. Last semester I participated in the Kennedy Center's American College Theatre Festival in Los Angeles. This was the regional festival for students in the western states who "do theatre." I designed "!Bocon!" last spring and I had the opportunity to take my designs from that show to the festival to be critiqued. While there I met Shawn Fisher who is over graduate studies at Utah State University and I expressed an interest in pursuing a MFA at USU. Several e-mails and phone calls later and I'm where I am today. (See first paragraph.) It's not where I was planning but I think it will be even better than I had expected.
In other news, I think dairy is my new frenemy. For the most part of this month I have had pretty gnarly stomach aches, pretty different than other stomach aches. I'd had some before but they were stress related and they felt different anyway. I paid attention to the food I was eating and I made a connection between the stomach aches and dairy products, especially yogurt and cheese. This really sucks because I really like yogurt and cheese and ice cream. I guess weekly visits to our new Yogurt Stop are out of the question if I want to stay stomach ache free. At least I already like soy milk.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mid-air Pineapple Slicing

For some reason I found a cheesy commercial REALLY funny this morning. It was a commercial for knives, the supernaturally sharp kind that can do supernatural things. Ordinary knives can cut through a pop can or a hammer but not this supernaturally great knife. This one can cut through...brace yourselves...a pineapple in mid-air. A pineapple in mid-air. What the heck??? Who needs to cut through a mid-air pineapple? Although, really, who needs to cut through a hammer or a pop can? It was utterly ridiculous. And I haven't even started on the ridiculous "chef" costume the presenter was wearing.

I don't know what I would have written if this had been a full length infomercial.

Today is my brother's 21st birthday, his second and last as a missionary in Washington State. I'm not sure what he did today but I am sure he did something funny. Dang, I miss him.