Monday, September 28, 2009

Things I Love

As I was walking home from school today I noticed that there was something different about the mountains. I hadn't noticed as I walked to school because I was going to be late for institute and I was fairly devoted to the task at hand. Imagine, if you will, my surprised when I looked up and saw, sprinkled among the green and tan, ORANGE and RED! I love the fall. It is my favorite season.

Another thing that I love, or rather, things, are the windows in the costume shop. They let in light. They let us know what the weather is like in the outside world. You might think this is a funny thing to be glad about but when you've spent several years in a costume shop without windows, you'd be happy with about anything. The windows give us a fantastic view of the canyon AND a view of any car crashes on 400 North and 1000 East.
Like this one! It wasn't too serious but it was rather exciting. Plus, it was nice to be able to fill people in on the reason why the traffic was backed up.
This last one doesn't have anything to do with views or windows or seasons. Well, it does include seasons if you are referring to a series of plays. The first play of the Utah State Theatre season is open! I took this shot during the last night of dress rehearsal for the Glass Menagerie. My camera isn't well suited for the stage lights. I'll figure it out, eventually. I think the show really turned out. I'm proud to say I was involved.
If I notice anything else interesting or noteworthy, I'll try to take a picture and blog about it.
You can only handle so many Top Model entries anyway.

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Ruthanne said...

Hey Linds, I love fall too. We loved seeing The Glass Menagerie and the actors in the costumes you designed. Best of all was spending time with you. Love you! Mom