Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I bought a jacket last week on a really great one day sale (thank you!) It arrived today in a totally beaten in box (what, did you drop kick it, UPS guy?) The contents were unscathed and I am so excited to wear this when the weather cools down (ooh, it's pretty chilly in the mornings now.) Enough with the comments in parentheses, here are some pictures from the Internet:
The front and...
the back.
It is adorable from every angle AND it is actually more khaki than white which I think is a plus.

Today was a great day. Not only did I get positive feedback on my work in design studies but it was the premiere of America's Next Top Model! Yes, I AM one of those girls. I love this show for all its ridiculousness, all of its improbability, and the almost inevitable obscurity awaiting the "winner." I LOVE it anyway! I also "love" the trench coat leotard that Tyra is currently sporting on the show's web page. How I wish I could have posted it here. I think she's catering to Lady Gaga and her penchant for leotards and jackets. Why not combine the two???
I'm getting side-tracked...

Here are the girls that I think will do well: (may be subject to change.)

First up is Bianca. Sure, she isn't really pretty in a traditional way but she looks interesting. Bianca was in the bottom two this week because her attitude towards her make-over and her photo shoot look. Her first picture wasn't bad, it was just her attitude. This usually scares the attitude right out of the contestants (atleast it did for Keenyah in cycle 4, she made it two the final four.)

Next up is Brittany. I thought she was really cool, blonde hair and black eyebrows. Unfortunately make-overs were early this year and now she sports dark hair. She went from interesting to "Meah."

Last season there was a model by the name of Allison who proclaimed a fascination with bloody noses. This year we've got one who claims her childhood nickname was "bloody eyeball." Gross. Despite the fact that she's downright weird, Nicole seems like she has a lot of potiential (for the competition.) Plus, her natural coloring is gorgeous. She might be weird but she's really pretty.
Laura is another one who is kind of weird but her weirdness stems from the fact she grew up on a rural farm (as if there were any other kind.) Anywho, she's not really accquainted with fashion but she takes BEAUTIFUL pictures. I was surprised.

Last up is Kara who I'm not entirely convinced is under 5'7". She looks like she is 5'10" without those ugly boots. She kind of looks like Gisele Bundchen-Brady but without being so in your face. However, that might not be a good thing for Kara. Apparently Kahlen from cycle 4 didn't get work because she looked like Carmen Kass. Yeah, it doesn't really make sense. I mean, it would be really hard on me to look like an established supermodel. Some people have it REALLY hard.

Did I mention that this season all of the models are 5'7" and under? Why 5'7"? That is the height of Kate Moss, the short supermodel. I love that even "short" modeling is out of the question for an actual short person, I'm not even tall enough for that.

Good thing I have other interests and talents ;)

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Ruthanne said...

I love you, Lindsay. Funny blog update. :) Love your new coat too. I'm sure you look adorable in it.