Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why ABC, why??? and What is wrong with this?

First, it was Pushing Daisies and now, it's Life on Mars. Two fantastic shows that were cancelled. I just watched last night's episode and it was FANTASTIC! The storyline has really veered from the original British plot but it works. In the original series Sam Tyler was hit by a car and while he was in a coma in 2006, but he was living in 1973. At the end of series two, Sam woke up and then jumped off a building, an act that sent him back to 1973 but really just killed him. In the American version Sam isn't in a coma (or so the information in TV Guide states) and the "solution" is totally different. I don't know what it is but I'm excited to see how it ends next week.

Maybe it is a good thing that it was cancelled. The writers had almost exhausted the two season series of source material and why not end it on a high note? I'm just trying to look on the bright side, I guess. It's a bit like the Beatles. They broke up before their music got horrible. I also think that being "older" isn't so bad. My life is relatively drama-free, I don't have any attachments to high school, I can communicate with members of the opposite sex, and I can rent a car (I haven't done it yet but I could!) There is also a sense of independence that I feel I have now as opposed to five or six years ago when I was petrified to do things on my own. I do have a slight fear that I will grow too fond of my independence someday. Hopefully that won't happen.

What does it mean to be "too accomplished" or "intimidating" or "too independent?" I've heard these words thrown around quite a bit lately, sometimes in connection with me. Just because I have a bachelors degree, I served a mission, and I am a graduate student; I have become a scary, accomplished, intimidating, and independant person? How does that disqualifiy me in the dating scene? If anything, I think those would be positive qualities! Heck, here are some more, just for good measure:

  1. I have no student debt. I have no credit card debt. I am currently a paying off my car.
  2. I can cook. Just yesterday my roommate's home teachers walked in and said, "Wow, it smells good." I can also bake.
  3. I have a vast knowledge of things both useful and non-useful.
  4. I love trying new food.
  5. I like adventure movies more than romantic comedies.
  6. I am clean---my room is clean, my interests are clean and my record is clean.
  7. I have ambition.
  8. I believe that church is a priority.
  9. I can carry on an intelligent conversation (thanks in large part to #3 on this list.)
  10. I have opinions. There are few things worse than people who have no set opinions. These are people who usually "just listen to the radio" or like to do "whatever."

Hopefully this list will be useful for anyone who might be frightened of RM grad students. Just a heads up.


ScottBoomer said...

On the plus side there has been plenty of basketball games to watch the past few weeks.

Laceski said...

I wasn't a devotee of Life on Mars, but what episodes I saw were quite good. It's a shame, really. I know times are tough, but ABC seems to be cleaning house moreso than usual. Word on the street is that the final episodes of Pushing Daisies might air all together on one night just before the DVDs come out. That, or they'll only be on the DVDs and we'll just have to wait even longer. Lame. But, on an up note, I hear they were able to tie up a lot of loose ends in the finale, rather than just leaving everything up in the air, so that's good. :)

Annie said...

I feel your pain! Honestly, I think people are just trying to make us "feel better" about being single. Come on...wouldn't you think men would want someone who could think and act for herself?! I could go on and on about this, but just know that you are not alone. And way to be awesome. :)

Suzy said...

Way to look on the bright side! I hate when my favorite shows get cancelled too.