Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just call me Pollyanna

Some reasons why I feel like I have a good life:
  1. I have a ridiculously cute niece who just learned how to laugh.
  2. My family is fantastically great. Even though we don't get along all the time, I love them.
  3. Despite the scariness of it, I'm attending graduate school.
  4. Graduate Assistantships.
  5. I have this odd tendancy to try things like book binding, pie making, and quilting, despite not really having any training or a clue.
  6. I have good friends.
  7. I have faith in God and His plan.
  8. My taste in music doesn't suck. (this could be up for debate but I know what I like.)
  9. I have figured out how to be thrifty.
  10. I love cooking and baking. Now I just need to learn how to love running.
  11. I'm feeling pretty okay with my looks, my eyebrows and hair don't match but it's fine.

I am currently in the middle of Spring Break. I decided to go home to my parent's house which I doubted at first. These doubts were swept away when I saw the weather report for Logan, two feet in some areas? No, thank you!

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Suzy said...

Way to look at the bright side of life!