Friday, November 7, 2008

The Week In Review

This week was sort of weird as far as consistency goes.
Monday: I spent the day doing homework and working. Not too strange.
Tuesday: Not only did it snow but I drove up to Weber twice, all in the name of my patriotic duty. I'm so glad that I voted. I'm pretty sure that I giggled a little out loud. I've noticed that I do that, it's something I'm working on. Unfortunately I had a set back at school and for about 24 hours I thought that my chances of graduating were out the window (Midterms are VERY important.)
Wednesday: I had a bit of a realization, I'm down to mere WEEKS at Weber. I made a cool hooter-hider for Hil. Although I had instructions, I didn't follow them so it took a lot longer to make it. It turned out.
Thursday: I turned in my midterm, with a penalty of some kind. A lesson to everyone-keep an iron grip on EVERYTHING. Yeah, it's vague. I went to the temple after work with my ward and it was wonderful. I'm really going to miss my kickin' ward. They are fantastic.
Friday: Apart from receiving a very reassuring e-mail concerning Utah State, I spent the morning watching: The Office, Life on Mars, and 30 Rock. It was fantastic (ooh, I already used that word) it was splendid.

My favorite moment from 30 Rock:
Kenneth: "Oh I don't believe in hypothetical situations, Mr. Donaghy. That's like lying to your brain."

Which brings me to Life on Mars. I was fully prepared to hate this show because I loved the original so much. Here's how they stack up, character-wise.

On the top is the US version, and the UK version is on the bottom.
First up, the battle for Sam Tyler.

UK Sam earns points for being the first but US Sam earns more points for showing more emotion AND being more attractive. Sorry John Sims but Jason O'Mara is just hotter than you.

Next up, Gene Hunt.

Sorry Harvey Keitel, but Phil Glenister will ALWAYS be Gene Hunt. He's guv. No contest. (And apparently not very many words either.)

The Annie throw-down:

Not only did the US writers totally change Annie's last name (from Cartwright to Norris) but they also totally changed the character. Annie Norris is much more intellectual and ballsy than Annie Cartwright who was more sympathetic and girl-friendish towards Sam. It's a bit of a toss up here. The UK Annie seemed much more emotionally invested while USA Annie is more logical, especially when talking to Sam about his theories. I was fully prepared to hate Gretchen Mol because I was under the impression that she was a terrible actress whereas I hadn't ever heard of Liz White.

Ray Carling:

Michael Imperioli wins this one based solely on his impressive mustache and hair. Dean Andrews loses it further due to the horrible perm his character gets in the next series, "Ashes to Ashes." US Ray is also much tougher, and he is slightly more intelligent. UK Ray seemed a little too blunt, not too much activity going on upstairs, just lots of punching and stupid comments.

Which leaves...
Chris Skelton

Once again, the US version is much more attractive than the original. Despite that I'm going to have to go with Marshall Lancaster as UK Chris. His depiction seemed much more real, he seemed like he had much more of a inward wrestle between his loyalty to Gene and his admiration for Sam. He also seemed to have much more of a personalty. Granted, Jonathan Murphy does cut a cuter figure.
And the results:
Sam Tyler: Jason O'Mara
Gene Hunt: Phil Glenister
Annie Cartwright: Liz White
Ray Carling: Michael Imperioli
Chris Skelton: Marshall Lancaster
UK: 3
USA: 2
I really enjoy this show. It's like a cop version of Pushing Daisies.


Megan said...

Wow. Looks like you had a very productive week. I think the icing on the cake was the "Office" viewing that you squeezed in. No week is complete without some time devoted to "The Office." :)

Hilary said...

Yeah! I am so excited for you about school!!!!

Scarlet said...

what's a hooter-hider?

LindsayKeller said...

A hooter-hider is a nursing cover. I like how it sounds vaguely German.

Paige & Mike said...

I am going to have to say that my favorite part from 30 Rock was when Jack said that he met M Night Shyamalan on a flight and it cuts to the assistant and he says "that was the best day of my life!" I couldn't stop laughing.