Monday, March 2, 2009

A Hodge Podge of Stuff

I just finished a research paper that I wrote for grad school. It took longer to format the pictures and figure out where to put them so it didn't screw up the whole paper. It was really frustrating. I'm pretty certain it took over an hour. Granted I took breaks and consumed a ridiculous amount of french onion soup. That stuff is SO good! I feel like it was worth it because it was about fashion and the Beatles. And I had the picture on the right in the paper. Isn't that a fantastic coat???
Here are a couple of things that have been floating around for the past week or so.

1. I found this quote in one of the books I used for research, John, Paul, George, Ringo & Me by Tony Barrow. He was the Press Officer for the Beatles for six years or so. Here's what he had to say about the backlash from John Lennon's 'We're bigger than Jesus' comment. "Unexpected support for the Beatles came from Salt Lake City, Utah, where the programme director of station KCPX said, "I don't believe in religious bigots anymore than I believe in Beatles bigots. I'm playing their records, not their religious ideals."

2. Item two is a picture I took while walking home. I think it's sort of lovely.

3. Another picture. This time it's...My drawer in the costume shop!

4. A picture of an unusually sunny and clear day on my way to school. This wasn't the same day that I fell. I think this was from the week before.

And finally...Me. Still in graduate school. Still not crazy. Yet.

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Jared and Jessica said...

I love the scenery pictures up there! You look beautiful too!