Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wedding dress alterations!

A few weeks ago I noticed I had received a few random phone calls from a Washington phone number.  Ignored them until the number texted me.  One of my old roommates, Annika, had referred one of her friends to me to complete some alterations on a wedding dress.  I called the mystery number and got to know Stephanie who is getting married in July in Oregon.  A half an hour later I was helping her into her dress and marking the alterations.  A quick run down of what happened:
1-Remove the train
2- Raise the hem to just above floor length
3-Take the sides of the bodice in 1"

It seemed like a pretty simple batch of alterations until I realized something: it is a WEDDING DRESS.

Wedding dresses are typically tricky due to the interior structure, multiple skirts to hem, horsehair in the hem, beading, sheer overlays...that sort of thing.  Lucky for me, this dress had it ALL.
It is DONE!
A before shot of the bodice

A process shot of the temporary hem and sheer overlay

The back, before I moved the snaps up to cover the back of her bra

Hand sewing the linings together
I ended up making a massive mistake on Thursday after our second fitting.  I had trimmed all of the skirt hems and it looked great for the fitting.  I took out the pins and then sewed the satin layer to the lining.  I had done the sewing by hand so when I hung the dress up the skirt hem looked HORRIBLE.  It was uneven and bubbling in the worst way.  I was panicking because I thought I had ruined Stephanie's dress but I couldn't figure out HOW I had made such a terrible mistake.  I unpicked all of the hand stitching and hung the dress up again.  It was still not right.  I was pretty anxious at this point because in the front it was 3" too short.  I decided to leave it alone until Monday because I didn't want to make it worse.  Yesterday I decided to really check to see what was going on inside all the layers.  As it turns out, the lining was twisted all the way around.  I untangled it and sewed it together for the last time. I was so relieved!

Hooding is on Friday!  I'm sort of excited!

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