Tuesday, May 22, 2012


James and I had a fun weekend.  We went to the temple with James' cousin Jed and his wife Missy. Then we ate homemade chile verde and chocolate caramel cookies.  After dinner we trekked to the water lab so that James could work on his thesis project.  I don't mind hanging out while James does his work and he prefers to not be alone in the lab.

 I took this picture as James was preparing to run his samples in the LCM. 

A funny story about margarine:
As you will notice there are THREE containers in our fridge.  How does that happen?  We purchased the second tub and somehow it vanished from our fridge shortly after.  Our fridge is not that big so we were perplexed, how did it vanish?  We both figured it never made it in the car (some how) so we bought another tub the next time we went to the grocery store.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the fridge a week after and lo and behold, the OTHER TUB.  It was weird.  
If our fridge is some kind of portal, I want to know where it goes so we can save on gasoline.  It's almost as good as teleportation.

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