Friday, May 4, 2012


I realize that I finished in December but today it felt real. The whole process of dressing up in the cap and gown and hood made it more real. Add in the ceremony itself, the folder and seeing your name in the program; real real-ness.

I'll tell you about the day...I slept horribly even though I didn't really need to do anything. I was just anxious I guess.  That and I still needed to alter the sleeves on the dress I was planning on wearing.  The sleeves were too long so I removed the elastic and made cuffs out of the extra fabric. (I should really use my time more efficiently so I don't feel so anxious.)

The graduate candidates were assembled in the Field House, like this:
We were sectioned off by college, by ropes.

So many people!
My hood, cap and name card
There were only 5 of us in the Caine College of the Arts.

My friend Milinda was the only other theatre MFA student.

After that we walked from the Field House to the Spectrum. I saw our old Bishop, Wayne Ashcroft, on our way over. I think his son earned a doctorate or something.

The procession of masters and doctoral candidates on the way to the Spectrum

It was kind of fun to see so many people in the Spectrum. The only times I have ever been there have been for church events and now, graduation.  James teased me that he was going to get me to go to a basketball game but it never happened.  He also suggested that the JumboTron would make a pretty cool marriage proposal.  I'm glad that didn't happen.  Those are just awkward.
Going down the hall in the Spectrum, lined with professors....
The JumboTron in all its brand new glory
My family, cheering me on.  They are all taking pictures in Section K, six rows from the top?

The commencement itself wasn't that long, apart from the fact that there were a bajillion MBA candidates.  It was ridiculous!  We were pretty close the beginning which was good and bad.  Good because we were through quickly but bad because we had to wait a long time.
Lots of people in robes and stuff...
Milinda and Me with our fancy hoods

After all of the candidates were hooded the University President stood up and conferred our degrees.  The way that it is worded made it sound like I married my MFA.  It was kind of weird.  

After some pictures (which are all on cameras and not my phone) we went to Tandoori Oven for dinner.  It was delicious, as usual.  I had something new, the Chicken Pineapple Curry.  It was very good.  Even my Dad enjoyed the food!  Success.  After that we went to Aggie Ice Cream (The Dairy) to have a celebratory scoop.  As we were pulling in the parking lot we saw a striking older gentleman with white hair.  My Dad avoided hitting him and said, "He looks like President Uchtdorf."   When his wife came around the corner we realized it WAS President Uchtdorf and his wife Harriet.  We didn't bother them but as they were heading out to their car he told us "Enjoy your ice cream."  We did, because, it's Aggie Ice Cream.  
The tiny figure on the right is President Uchtdorf, I didn't want to bother him, or get a decent picture, apparently.

And finally, last night we had a fun dinner at Louella's house to celebrate the fact that almost the entire costume shop is graduating.  After dinner Louella entertained us with her accordion.  Granted, her daughter Julia twisted Louella's arm so we could hear her play.  Did you know this fantastic lady played her accordion on the ED SULLIVAN SHOW?  It's true.  Her accordion teacher was a guy named Tony Rozance. You can see a picture of him here
She is THAT amazing.
Notice the "Lulu" in rhinestones.  It is a FANCY accordion


Candice J said...

Congratulations Lindsay! We're very proud of you!!o

Wendy Brimhall said...

Congrats! What a great accomplishment! And who knew Pres. Uchtdorf loved Aggie Ice Cream!

Exuberant Chaos said...

Amazing accomplishment!!! So many great things are coming your way Lindsay! So excited for you!