Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three Years

Yesterday was a tough day.  I moped around for the first part of it and then figured it wasn't very productive.  Rather than focus on the fact it had been three years since my best friend died, I decided to think about some of the great experiences we shared during our decades of friendship.  Here are a few of the funny memories that brightened my day:

1. The time we made "Mormon Tequila"
  I think we were in seventh grade and we decided, while watching Indiana Jones, to make a "festive" drink. I'm pretty sure we just threw anything sugary into a pitcher with some gummy worms and then drank it.  We were so hyper and giggly after consuming so much sugar that Lorraine kicked us out of the kitchen and made us go outside until we calmed down.

2. The Ringo Starr concert--March 12,1999
   My first concert was Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band at the Dee Events Center in Ogden.  I remember buying the tickets and the Smithtix lady looking really confused as to why a bunch of 15-16 year olds would want to go see Ringo Starr. I went with Lariann and our friend Malina Seeley.  I didn't buy anything at the concert but I now have Lari's Ringo beanie and mug that she bought at the concert.  I look at them and think about my first concert experience.

3. My First Date
    My first day was with a guy named Kiel Christopherson and we went to see "The Haunting."  The original plan was to go on a group date with a bunch of his friends and their dates.  I had called Lari and told her about the date and she told me that she and our friend Liz were going to see that movie too.  We didn't compare show times and I told her I would call her about the date the next day.
    As it turns out, I didn't have to tell her that much.  When Kiel arrived to pick me up I quickly discovered I was the ONLY girl in the group (none of the guys managed to find dates.)  As we walked in the movie theatre I saw Liz and Lari sitting near the front.  As luck would have it, one of Kiel's friends decided we would sit on the next row and I wound up directly behind Lari and Liz.  I didn't have that much to tell her the next day.

Some of my favorite pictures...

I had this picture hanging in my grad lab cubicle during my three years earning my MFA.  I think we made these in either pre-school or kindergarten.  I love that we all did something different with our hats.
Sara Hamblin, Me and Lariann

We played tee-ball for a couple of years. I think my parents still have that tiny mitt in their garage.  I used to call it a "baseball hand."
Lariann, Sara Hamblin, Me and Rachel (Lari's sister)
This is from our 3rd grade class picture.  We were in Mrs. Call's class that year.  I think Alex must have been born recently because I look kind of motherless.  I love that I'm wearing a nice Sunday dress and my hair looks awful.
Lari and me, 3rd grade class picture

I didn't scan very many "later" pictures when I scanned a bunch after she died so this is one from my 16th birthday party.  I love that Lari is reacting to Lauren's crazy face and that I look insane.  Seriously though, what is Lauren doing?
Brandi, Hilary, Lari, Lauren, Alex's head, me, Christina and Erin



Christina said...

I still think about Lari every time I pop popcorn, and her explanation of why you can create a vacuum by closing the top. Awesome pictures.

ScottBoomer said...

That was really nice