Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Proof Progress

Proof opens a week from Thursday.  I'm feeling pretty good about the costumes just not the wardrobe crew.  Apparently we don't have a crew.  That's a problem when almost everyone changes for every scene.  I hope we can find some people to work!
Our "connect with the arts" display and poster for Proof

My renderings, in the order of the show

Some of the shoes for the show, check out the wedges!

the rack of the costumes

the mock-up for the funeral dress

I'm taking draping this semester from the amazing Louella Powell.  This is my dress form that is padded out and covered in tricot.  It's sort of depressing to realize that you look a certain way but it guess it could be worse!  This is our first draping project, the front to a foundation skirt.  I have tiny darts in my skirt because I don't have a defined waist.  Oh well!


Courtney Kearns said...

can't believe you don't have a wardrobe crew... what the heck is happening over there?

LaRene said...

Keep up the good work Lindsay, this work will soon be through and you will look back on it and feel good about it. Love ya