Thursday, September 1, 2011

The first week of school AND Def Leppard? Too much to handle!

James and I went to the fantastic Def Leppard concert last night at USANA. It was so incredible! I never really thought much of Def Leppard before I started dating James but now I'm hooked! They won't replace Bowie though (notice my shirt: Ziggy Stardust.)
Heart opened with a pretty good set. We got there late because we ate dinner before because we thought there would be another band opening for Heart. Not so much. It was just the two bands.

I took the pictures with my cell phone so they aren't that great, at all. The Wilson sisters really rocked it even though Ann looked kind of terrible:
Her outfit was totally unflattering and just a weird mismatch of textures. I kind of wish her sister (who looked great) would have said something. Maybe they were in a fight...

Anyway, Def Leppard came on and they were AMAZING! Their set had tall screens that showed video of coordinating images for each song. It was really cool.
There was also a couple of levels and ramps around the stage.

This picture is of Rick Allen, their drummer, who only has one arm. And he still rocks.
This last one wasn't taken at the USANA concert, it was in Atlanta. I just wanted to show a clear shot of the set up. Also, our show was extra special because Phil (shirtless guitar guy) and Joe (blonde guy singing) both wore sparkly shoes. Viv (dark haired guitar guy) must not have received the sparkly memo.

Set list: Undefeated, Let's Get Rocked, Animal, Foolin', Love Bites, Rock On, Rocket, Two Steps Behind, Bringing On the Heartache, Swich 625, Hysteria, Armageddon it, Photograph, Pour Some Sugar On Me and Rock of Ages.

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