Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Feeling crafty

First of all: MY BROTHER ALEX GOT HIS MISSION CALL! He is going to serve in the Mexico Veracruz mission. He's leaving in the beginning of December.

I went on an adventure last week to drop off a draft of my plan B report (thesis) to a committee member. My adventure took me to the south side of campus, a place I had never ventured before. I'm kind of glad that I went because I saw two neat building from the 1930's.I call it an adventure but really, I just got lost trying to find an office that I had never visited.
This weekend we made another batch of banana chips and we tried our hands at raisins!
They turned out pretty good! The grapes were too small and gross so I put them in the handy dehydrator. It's amazing how GOOD home dried fruit tastes compared to store bought. Especially the bananas.
I decided to experiment a little with my hair today (I didn't want to wash it) so I followed the lead of hair tutorial I found on-line. I really like this site,, it's by Lauren Conrad and it's really informative. The styling on it is pretty good too.
It's supposed to be called "the fun bun" but I don't really see how fun it is to have a knob on the top of your head. I hadn't realized how fly-away-y my hair had gotten over the course of the day. It really did look better in the morning.

Proof is moving right along. We're half way done with fittings and I have a pair of pants and a few accessories to buy. It's been a different experience to buy for a show on such a scale. I was able to find a few things in our stock but we don't typically produce contemporary shows. I went shopping on Friday and found A LOT locally. I felt so much better to have so much completed!

If you want to see Proof, tickets are available on-line or at the USU box office. Or, you can let me know! Just a ...caution? Proof does have some language by way of THE four letter word starting with an F. Just so you know.

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