Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crunch Time (not nearly as much fun as Hammer Time)

Is it procrastination when you are just taking a break from working on a project?
I started my final design studies project a few weeks ago and I haven't really slacked off since. I worked over the break and I stayed up obscenely late last night/this morning. Is is still procrastinating if I'm blogging instead of painting? I'm fully prepared to stay up all night if I have to, I need to finish my project. I kind of feel like this guy
when he's taking about standing up to his father after wreaking the car. Taking the heat and all that jazz.

Sort of.

Anywho. Apart from painting and drawing a lot lately I have also caught up with some old pretend friends.

I have made it through the entire first season and I'm well on my way to finishing the second season tonight. I'd say it's a pretty big design project if it takes two seasons of Gilmore Girls to finish it.

I should take this time to thank my roommate and her family for their love of TV on DVD. I have benefited greatly and I appreciate it.

Do you want to know what else I appreciate? Johnson's baby lotion. Seriously. I have sensitive skin and that pink wonder not only moisturizes but it does it without freaking out my face.


Jared and Jessica said...

i LOVE gilmore girls! good luck on your projects!

Erika said...

What better way to do a project than with GILMORE GIRLS!!!! I was just saying yesterday that I want to watch all the seasons again. They're such great pretend friends.

And I loved how you described New Moon... Perfect! Yummy Wonder Bread! I must say I DID enjoy it, quite a lot, sure there is stuff to mock, and yet, I saw it twice and liked it better the second time even. Sshhhh don't tell anyone.

Amanda L said...

I'm curious if somewhere in the back of your mind, you aren't the tinest bit gleeful that your homework/deadline is drawing?