Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Moon...not nearly...

I just saw this movie:

I will admit that I enjoyed it in the same way I enjoy milk chocolate or wonder bread: it doesn't really do anything nutritionally for me but it sure tastes good. I enjoyed watching the film and it didn't seem as long as the actual running time.

1. WHAT is up with the stupid sound effects that go along with the "sparkling?" Can't they just look like they were attacked by a glitter gun or like they fell face first into a MAC counter? Why include a sound?

2. There is a certain scene that involves running and a forest and Bella and Edward in pastel clothes. Why oh WHY was Edward in a dorky, cream colored vest? Really, Tish Monaghan, REALLY? (Apart from that, well done. Much improved from the first film.)

3. Continuity. I realize that the budget was a lot bigger and better for this film than the first but was it totally necessary to give both the nomads almost complete make-overs? Sure Laurent's dreads looked better and he really rocked the Paul Smith-ish suit but I nearly didn't recognize him! Don't get me started with Victoria! Do you really expect us to believe that during all the plotting and planning that she took time out to visit the salon to really punch up her hair color? Her wardrobe changed too, less killer-hippie, more Anthropologie.

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The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

I'm with you on this one. Your #2 point...we busted out laughing at this scene. I thought we were back at Oz, especially with Bella's dress. What was that!!?