Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jet lag without the jet

Is it possible experience the effects of jet lag without traveling? Is it possible to have your sleep schedule thrown totally off by one all nighter? Let me explain...

On Monday I stayed up until 4:00 AM, working on my final project for design studies. (Design studies is a class that is mandatory for all design grad students to help them refine their rendering skills and to bulk up their portfolios. We complete "paper projects" which can be anything from costume design renderings to a model of a set or lighting designs complete on Photoshop. ) Anywho, I slept until after 10:00 AM on Tuesday and I went to bed at 6:45 PM on
Wednesday night.

I know! I know! I shouldn't do things like that to myself! Staying up for over thirty hours in the middle of the week has really screwed up my sleeping schedule. REALLY screwed it up.

But, I finished my project AND it looked really great if I don't say so myself. It was nice way to finish up my first year of grad school. I'm going to post pictures when I scan my renderings. Pictures don't quite capture the colors or the shading.

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