Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Vacation so far...

Has it really almost been two weeks since school ended? How did that happen? Seriously, where did the time go?

Here are some of the places it has gone:

Seeing friends from New York
Visiting with family and cousins.

More family stuff...Lauren went to the Christmas dance last night. Nope, she's not 16 but apparently dances have ventured from the land of dates to "school activities." Anyway, I can't believe she is 15 and so grown up.

I've also done a lot of shopping with my parents. During a lull I did some people watching and here are some things that I noticed:
  • Neck tattoos, probably not the best place for a tattoo although it is slightly better than a face tattoo. Only slightly.
  • Wearing sunglasses inside and you aren't either fresh from an eye appointment nor are you famous in a paparazzi-hiding-in-the-bushes kind of famous. Even then, I think you draw more attention to yourself if you are wearing sunglasses inside.
  • Bright pink hair. There is small percentage of the population that can carry off pink hair and it's something you have to commit to with your wardrobe and grooming. It doesn't work if your hair is a lovely shade of magenta and you are dressed like a boy.
  • High heels with jeans and sweatshirts. This is as a bad as really nice church clothes with flip flops in the summer time or Uggs in the wintertime. Ugh.
  • Manpris. Confused? They are capri pants worn by a man. Not a good look. At all.
  • Plucking your eyebrows into obscurity. Seriously. Why do people do this? It just makes a person look old and haggard.
  • Hair styles that weren't cool twenty years ago certainly aren't good today. Enough with the feathered and frosted hair already!
  • Wearing cartoon characters on sweatshirts and you aren't 12.

I took notes on my cell phone while people watching. I sort of wish that I had taken a few pictures as well. That's probably pushing it though.


Erika said...

No pictures?! Awww. I would have loved to see the manpri.

Mechelle said...

you are so funny! I must say that I agree with all of the list! I would have loved to see some pics too! Merry Christmas!