Friday, November 13, 2009

Hodgepodge of stuff

Okay folks, this entry is basically just a bunch of stuff that has been kicking around for a while. Why don't we let the old stuff go first?

One of the many reasons why Utah State is a great school: the views. I took this picture as I was walking home. I love the color combination!

I have no idea what this next object is but I saw it as I walked across campus with my friend Molly:
It's sort of a covered motorized bicycle. I thought it was fascinating! It looks like a little space ship!

Photo #3 is a sort of familiar face. Now he has more than just a face and hands!
It's our friendly neighborhood dementor!
I finally brought him home from school (thanks Brandee!) and now he sits in our front room. So far he has scared at least three people. You don't really expect to see a big blue skeleton in a cloak on a couch, I guess.

Walking to school in the COLD wind! Why are all of the universities in Utah built so close to canyons? Ugh. (And another ugh to the picture.)

Finally, I took this picture while I was working on my renderings.

I'm not sure why I look so happy, I was pretty sick of painting.

I'm going to pace myself better for this last project, it means working everyday but hopefully I won't have to scramble to get everything done.

Did anyone see Monday's episode of Castle? Mitchum Huntzberger AND Duck Phillips guest starred! I was so excited! .....anyone?

I think I have watched too much TV during my lifetime.

P.S. I have added links for people who had no idea what I was referring to with my last Monday's episode of Castle.


Hilary said...

awesome dementor! (well if they can be awesome.) it looks great!

Dannon Loveland said...

What is Castle? Who is Mitchum Huntzberger and Duck Phillips?

Scarlet said...

i love castle.