Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday Weekend

I had a pretty packed weekend. It was completely worth it though. I left Logan early on Friday and drove home to my parent's house so I could decorate a cake with my sister for my niece. Hilary and her family arrived the day before so she had a majority of the baking done before I arrived. They also made several neat tissue paper decorations (I should probably note that Hil has set the bar pretty high for first birthdays. I hope when I have kids that it isn't at a ridiculous height.)
We chose to follow the color scheme of the flowers when we decorated the cake.
It took a lot of effort to dye the batches of fondant but I think it worked out! We altered the design quite a bit but I think it was still a success.
The cake wasn't super-sized, Avery is just pocket sized. I don't think she liked the candle that much:
Luckily, her parents helped her blow out the candle.
I think she enjoyed the cake though.

The Birthday Girl and her beautiful mother:

Josh and Hilary also took Avery trick or treating to a couple of houses in my parent's neighborhood. Everyone got in on the act:
Ave makes a cute, if distracted, little monkey.


LIZ said...

Wow, what a birthday cake! You ladies did an amazing job, it looks great!

Me (the big cheese) said...

Cute pics! Glad you had a fun weekend.

shannon said...

what an adorable cake. not to mention the baby. and you and your sister look SO alike!