Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Projects (My own and others)

I just have to say as much as I appreciate people being on task and able to get things done early, WHAT is with the SNOW???? Really, Mother Nature? REALLY?!? I mean, it's only the end of October, can't we get to Thanksgiving before this stuff flies? Maybe? Please??? I don't want four months of winter.

I've been working on my Halloween project here at school and a little at home. Last week I covered the florist foam pieces so that this week I would be able to paint them. The other items in the picture are my first attempt at a skeleton hand and a mummy mask. Unfortuately the mask didn't photograph well but it looks better in real life. I'm really happy with the large hands. They are so creepy! After I took this picture I decided that the face was too cl
ean when compared to the hands so...

I dirtied it up with more paint, applied with a natural sponge as opposed to the brush I had used earlier. I'm pretty happy with the result. It seems to coordinate with the hands much better than before. Now I just need to worry about putting the whole monster together!
Wish me luck!

Another project that I am really excited about is my niece's birthday cake.
Hilary and I are going to collaborate again. I really love working with Hil! The idea is that we are going to make a cake that looks something like this:

Obviously we can't construct a cake that is as thin because it would fall over. We're going to change the proportions and the colors but the idea is there. I'm really excited. This weekend can't come soon enough!

The next photo is from Weber State's costume shop. The talented Jim Christian has written a muscial based on the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. While I was dropping something off, Jean Louise (their fantastic shop manager) showed off the leather horse heads the shop has constructed. It's a really cool concept!

This last photo isn't really a project, it's a prank.

Who door bell ditches and leave a three year old jar of capers on a doorstep?
Really, I'd like to know.


Amanda L said...

As you complain of four months of winter, please remember your stint in upstate New York. Whiner.

Christina said...

I hate to have to tell you that you live in Logan now. Winter lasts six months, not four. Sorry