Friday, October 23, 2009

Birthdays and Teeth

I recently received a piece of mail addressed to "Aunt Lindsay" from my niece, Avery. It was an invitation to her birthday party. This is the picture my sister, Hilary, chose for the invitation:

Say what you will about head flowers, this one is cute!
Here is another shot that shows off her adorable blonde hair:
I PROMISE, my niece has eyes. I just wound up choosing pictures where her eyes are closed.

Speaking of physical oddities, I noticed something about myself recently. I have rather sizable chompers. I noticed it a few days ago during dress rehearsals for "Sweeney Todd" when I was helping people with hair and make-up. It was really weird and it got me thinking about a picture that was posted on Facebook at a friend's wedding:I look like I'm wearing fake teeth, like those hillbilly teeth if they had had proper dental care! Also, it made me realize how out of shape I really am but that's another story. Why do my teeth look so massive? Is it a physical actuality or just a bad photo? If it is just a bad photo, how do you explain the realization in the dressing room mirrors? It's a mystery!

BUT, it could also just be a culmination of the past two weeks worth of work and lack of sleep. You can blame sleep deprivation on a host of maladies...right?

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Erika said...

Just getting caught up on your blog... this post made me laugh!! You're so funny. I remember the day I realized my nose was big. Sigh. Not good. But I have not noticed your teeth being big so don't worry about it!