Monday, February 23, 2009

I fell today on the sidewalk

It was a generally overcast day in Logan today, cold and wet. I was on my way to school when I slid on the icy sidewalk. At first I thought, "Whoa! I totally dodged that--" I didn't get to finish that thought because next thing I knew I was on my back. Rather than spring to my feet, I laid on the ground, assessing the situation. While I was contemplating the wet ground I heard a little voice say, "Are you okay?" It was one of the elementary school kids that was walking to school at the same time I was headed to the university. I told him I was okay and I then I thanked him for asking if I was okay. It was a vaguely embarrassing situation and slightly painful as well. It reminded me of the time I fell on my mission (okay, one of the times I fell.)
Sister Jorgensen and I had been serving together in Medina for a week or two when I fell. The road in front of our apartment was being repaired and as a result there was a good 24" drop off. This was no problem for Jorgensen because she was about 5'10" and had the legs to prove it. I'm 5'3" or so and I also have the legs to prove it although not in the same way. Jorgensen was able to easily step up onto the pre-existing curb due to her long legs. I was not as lucky. I lost my footing and almost face planted into the gravel. As if on cue a driver slammed on his breaks and said, "Jinkies! That looked like it hurt!"
I'm not sure if that is how you spell it but that guy in Medina actually said it.


LaRene said...

I can relate to your accident today. I hope that you don't have any lasting effects from it. That was cute that a child asked you if you were OK.

skbucher said...

I know how you feel. I Was at the gym the other day, and slipped on the ice. It looked like a scene from home alone when the guys very blatantly slip with feet in the air. I landed on my tailbone, elbow, and got whiplash. I was very upset and people stopped to watch! I hate ice on the ground!!!

Erika said...

I love that a little kid asked if you were okay as you're laying on the ground (lying on the ground? yeah I don't know) how very considerate. And I'm going to start saying "Jinkies!"

Hear-Me-Roar said...

I am sorry that you got hurt. But you tell a very compelling story. Perhaps you should one day think about writing.

Scarlet said...

I fell off a road on my mission too! Man that hurt! but not only was there a 24" drop from road construction, but the side of the road sloped down into a nice little gully where I had to lay and laugh for a minute while my companions panicked over me.
It was halloween day in the year 2000.