Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dinner with Friends

I went to dinner with some friends from Buffalo last night. What I mean by "friends from Buffalo" is they are all friends that I met while I was serving on my mission in Buffalo. From left to right in the picture below: Jess Piwko, Kim Allen, Natalie Lund, Me, Lexy Hjelm, and Amber Ackerson. I met Kim and Jess when I was serving with Lexy. Kim was investigating the church and Jess was her fellowshipper and roommate (convienent!) Amber lived in the Buffalo ward and is friends with Kim and Jess. Natalie took Lexy's place after transfers. It was really great to have everyone together for the last time. Not to worry, we'll probably all get back together when Kim gets back from her mission to Canada. It was a fantastic night!

Lexy, Me, Amber
Jess, Kim, Natalie
Jess, Kim, Natalie, Lexy, me, AmberJess, Me, Kim
I forgot to mention that we were only going to have 5 people at dinner. Right after we were seated Jess walked up, a massive surprise for everyone but Amber. Not only was the company great but the food was fantastic too (thank Buca!)

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LaRene said...

How fun to have an evening out with old friends. It is great how our church experiences help us have so much in common with others.