Sunday, November 2, 2008

Now THIS is scary...

While wasting time this evening I happened upon a documentary on beauty pageants. Kiddie beauty pageants.

The documentary was actually a follow up to one called "Painted Babies," and it gave updates on two girls that had been featured in the original documentary. It was interesting to see how many commonalities there were between the "pageant" moms and grandmothers. They were (for the most part) fat, southern, and loud. I wonder if there is some sort of criteria for the women who put their daughters in these things. Of the two girls that were profiled only one continued to compete in the pageant circuit. She wasn't overly pretty nor was she any good at singing. However, she was VERY good at doing that horrid fake smile where you look like you are just clenching your teeth while not squinting your eyes. Ugh-lee! She was also bleach blonde and had a "healthy" orange glow. The other girl had removed herself from that environment and seemed to have a more realistic idea about life. She was also blonde but lacked the complexion of an old school Oompa Loompa.
Not to be outdone, BBC America has been showing documentaries on ALL sorts of strange subjects. The weirdest has been "My Fake Baby."

Yes, "My Fake Baby." It covered the "re-born" trend in the doll world. Apparently there are women who treat incredibly life-like dolls as though they were alive. Dressing them, changing their diapers, washing them, pushing them in prams (hey, it's England,) and "feeding" them fabric softener because it looks like milk. It was just wacky. I'm not going to discount the talent that some of the women have that make these dolls but to treat an inanimate object as though it was alive? I'd have to say it's pretty near crazy.

And now for something completely different:
Offers up some cool promo codes for on-line shopping. All you do is type in the name of a store and then a list of possible codes will appear. I used it to get a 10 day supply of bareMinerals Foundation on

Also of note, on you can join the Beauty Insider club for free. It promises perks such as deluxe samples, reward points (one point for each dollar spent,) and a gift on your birthday. I love make up so this could be the start of a very bad thing.

Hope not!


Laceski said...

Oh, man alive! I saw the "Painted Babies" special (child abuse, plain and simple) AND the creeptastic "My Fake Baby" documentary. I tell ya what, wow. How bizarre was it when that dollmaker woman pulled the doll parts out of the oven? Yikes.

LIZ said...

I saw the "Painted Babies" one too. You are so right about her not being able to sing.

I don't think that people should be allowed to enter their children into those contests at such young ages. It gives them an unhealthly idea of what they believe a girl should look and act like.