Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Desert Island Discs

My friend Scott tagged me and gave me the following instructions:
This is an idea I got from my friend Dave. The basic idea as he puts it is "what albums would you want if you were stranded on a desert island that just happens to have a stereo and electricity but still no way to contact anyone for help".

There are a few rules that he decided to make:

• Only one album from each artist (forcing you to make some tough choices).
• No greatest hits or compilations of any kind (that would be cheating).
• Limit the list to 10.
• Ignore the iPod factor since it essentially makes this list obsolete. It's not about the technology anyway, it's about the music! Plus "Desert Island Discs" sounds a lot snappier than "Desert Island Playlist."

This has been REALLY hard for me because I love music. Here it goes, with great difficulty.

10. I figured it would be easiest to pick something for Sunday first. This CD was a favorite before my mission and my friend Kari gave it to me for my birthday. It is a good mix of songs and I love almost every track of this CD. Plus it reminds me of my mission and that is usually good.

9. Kind of in the same vein as the MoTab, my favorite classical album. Technically this is a compilation but I think it can be an exception because Camille Saint-Saens SO did not make albums as we know now. I adore the piano concerto #4 on the second disc and when you pair that with the Danse Macabre and carnival of the animals on disc one and you've got it made!

8. This is my absolute favorite No Doubt album. Unfortunately this is about where things started to get difficult. Seriously, only ten albums?

7. I bought this album last year and thought,"Where have you been all of my life???" I listened to it solidly for about, oh, a month. It was sort of out of control. I think everyone needs a little New York with a shot of London on every desert island. Plus, Lou Reed, David Bowie, and Mick Ronson? Classic.

6. Sondre Lerche is probably my favorite singer of today (as opposed to what, of the future?) He's from Norway and he is sort of random. Although I love all of his albums, this one won for the following reasons:
-A great combination of "rainy day songs," old school crooning, and covers of songs by Elvis Costello AND Cole Porter. It is quite a trick.

5. Choosing between Bowie albums was harder than choosing between Beatles albums ONLY because Bowie has a more albums (and styles) to choose from. I chose this one because it is the only Bowie album that I can listen to all the way through without skipping songs. I almost chose "Live at Santa Monica" but it is technically a compilation. "Station to Station" is great because it's Bowie at his best (even though he was probably on cocaine for most of it.) Any how, as far as personas go you don't get any cooler than The Thin White Duke.

4. This album makes me sad because it was the Beatle's last one recorded ('Let It Be' was released later even though it was recorded before.) I love this album even though it marks the end of the Beatles. "Carry That Weight" into "The End" could almost bring me to tears, depending on my mood and the time of the month.

3. I have to have The Clash on my desert island. I chose this based on the ratio of fantastic songs to not so fantastic songs. Even though there are two songs that I never listen to (they did some f-bombing) I don't think I could be angry without "Career Opportunities" to help vent some of that.

2. I just couldn't have only one Beatles album on here. I just couldn't do it. This one has too many fantastic songs; "If I Fell," "Things We Said Today," and "I'll Be Back."

1. Flight of the Conchords. Just in case the desert island isn't a funny place. These guys are hilarious.

The runners up:

This wasn't even the tip of the iceburg. I hate choosing.

Although I don't hate choosing when it comes to voting! I'm so excited that Barack Obama was elected!

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ScottBoomer said...

While I don't necesarliy agree with all of your picks, or most of your picks it looks like a nice group of cd's to have on a deseret island.