Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vegas! and an assortment of other stuff...

Last weekend we (Mom, Dad, Lauren, and me) went to Vegas to see Hilary and Josh. For anyone who doesn't know, Josh is attending Dental school at UNLV so Las Vegas is going to be their home for the next four years. It was a wonderful trip and I'm excited to see them again, whenever that might be.

We ate at In and Out Burger after the Saturday afternoon session. It was okay. I like our local Crown Burger better but I'm not too hip on hamburgers.

On our way home we visited our friends the Bridges. We used to be neighbors.

I started this quite a while ago and can't remember exactly what I had included. Sorry if it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Maybe blogging during your 19th hour up isn't such a grand idea.
This week I...
Made cupcakes for a baby shower at work:
The babies on top are made out of fondant and they tasted like candy.

I also worked on wigs and real hair for our publicity photos for The Beaux' Stratagem:

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LaRene said...

Lindsay I love your Baby Cupcakes. They look so real that you could pick one of them up and give it a hug. Love Ya