Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quick! Hide!

I'm writing this blog as I sit in a computer lab on campus. I feel a bit awkward, like I'm not doing actual school stuff so I shouldn't be here, taking up space. A quick glance around shows about two dozen free computers so I don't feel quite so bad. A couple of cool things have happened so far this week that I feel like I should document.

First of all I handed in my graduation application and fee to the graduation office. I'm pretty sure I was shaking a little bit because I never thought this day would actually come. Soon after that I met with the head of the art department and received clearance to graduate with a substitution for one of my classes. It's just for my minor but I was so worried that I for some reason I wouldn't receive clearance even though numerous e-mails were sent regarding the substitution. Luckily it was all in order and I'm on the road to graduate on December 12th which kind of makes me feel woozy.

Second of all, I'm leaving this afternoon to visit Hilary and Josh in Vegas. I'm really excited to see them again and to visit their house. It has been weird to have them gone. It seemed like there were always things happening when they lived in Orem that would warrant a visit. I think it has been almost two months now. Maybe it is just a warm up for the next three and a half years when I move to Logan.

Third exciting thing, I have a place to live in Logan. My cousin (once removed? twice removed? I don't know how it works) is house sitting for her grandparents while they are on a mission and I'm going to be one of her roommates. I haven't seen her in a long time but when we were younger we'd hang out at family reunions. I'm really excited for this experience!

Fourth item of the note, my friend Lariann is doing well! She just had her second tumorversary (her husband made up that word) and she is doing well! She'll still be on chemo but it's looking good!

Life is good!


Jon said...
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Jared and Jessica said...

yeah! you have your graduation date set! hooray!!!