Friday, October 24, 2008


My Mom sent pictures of Avery and Hilary (wow, I just noticed they have the same name ending.) Things are going well, Avery is scheduled to go in for surgery tomorrow to close her stomach. After that she'll spend four weeks in the NICU and then come home, in time for Thanksgiving.
This next picture is sort of sad and funny at the same time. I blame Hilary's expression...
And one more of Avery:


Erin said...

Lindsay, I am so sorry! I didn't know that Hillary's baby was having problems. She was born early, right? Tell Hill that I will keep her and Avery in my prayers. Keep me updated.

Megan said...

Yes, sad and funny. I'm totally jealous that she's back in her pre-preg. clothes. And it looks a little odd that the butterfly on the wall is flying out of Hil's shoulder. It must be surreal to stand there and know that that baby is hers but she can't hold her or take her home yet.