Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mina's Easter Dress

I made Mina's Easter dress from leftover fabric from a show I did last summer, The Marvelous Wonderettes.  The main body of the dress was from the maternity dress from Act II and the trim was from a jacket.  (The leftover pieces weren't big enough for an adult sized costume so the producer said I could keep them. Thanks Steph!) Anyway.  I knew I wanted to make something for Mina out of the blue floral print because it was so cute. That lead to the bonnet, which led to the diaper cover, which led to the dress.  I just love making clothes for Mina!

Mina's Easter Basket

I didn't take any pictures of Mina in her Easter dress before church so we took a few that afternoon.  I was pleasantly surprised that despite taking a couple of naps in her dress it wasn't a wrinkled mess.

Happy Easter!!!!

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