Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring has sprung

The past month or so here has been filled with little projects as well as a few big potential projects. I'll write more about the other projects when we sign more papers and get some keys.

Until then write about the other projects..

I decided that I wanted to make an Easter dress for Mina and I had the perfect fabric in mind. I bought this piece before Mina was born.  I hauled myself up to Suppose in Preston to buy cute fabric.  I wrote about that adventure here. I used this particular piece to make a less than successful maternity top.  I wore it a few times but I really didn't like it.  I finally took it apart and made a dress.
It HAD to have puff sleeves, pleats and a peter pan collar.  Those elements are too cute to not use.

I wasn't sure about the length so I tried it on Mina.
Too long! I added a grow tuck and it was perfect!  It made the skirt look more interesting and it was no longer ankle length.
Mina showing off her dress!
The next project was an Easter bonnet for a local contest.  We didn't win but that's okay, now Mina has a cute bonnet.

 She couldn't just wear a bonnet without a matching outfit so I took inspiration from this picture.
I took this when I dressed her up in some cute spring clothes (wishing it was actually warm enough to wear them!)  I thought the ruffled shorts were so cute she needed another pair. I dug into my fabric stash and whipped together a pair of ruffled shorts.
As you can see they don't quite cover everything in the back.
A few alterations later and...

Ruffled baby bum!
I also made a dress to go with the bonnet and shorts.  I'll post a picture after she actually wears it.

Last up, pie making for pi day. I usually don't make very many pies during the year.  The past few years I've made strawberry rhubarb pies for James' birthday but that is about it.
I was pretty happy with the way the dough turned out:
Unfortunately I made too much filling and it made a mess.

And finally, my stash of vintage patterns.  They belonged to James' Grandma and now they belong to me.  I really want to make some of these! James has already requested a cowboy shirt.  Funny guy.
I especially love the cute yellow blouse!

Last minute edit:
Here is the dress that I made to match the bonnet and shorts.


Erika said...

LOVE all the clothes you make! Those ruffle shorts and bonnet are freakin adorable!!!! And the baby is, too :)

Alisha M said...

My mom just went through all her old patterns and said she has the exact skirt one in this photo. She's getting rid of a lot of them, and I had to show her your vintage ones.