Monday, April 8, 2013

Romper Room

Was it a TV show? Anyway, I plan on making a bunch of rompers for Mina this summer. Maybe enough to have a whole room full of cute rompers. I finally got around to making one this past week. It wasn't a total fail but it wasn't as successful as I had hoped. I guess that is what I get for finishing an outfit without actually fitting it on Mina. Lesson learned.

Pattern pieces, ready for fabric...
The finished romper!

A few views of Mina in her romper.

I was hoping that it wouldn't fit so well, at this rate she'll be able to wear it now and not later.  I used a 9 month onesie as a reference but I didn't take into account the lack of stretch in the orange material.  Despite the flaws I'm actually pretty happy with the result.  However, I did notice a few things: the arm holes are too generous, the leg holes are a little tight and the cute waist casing really limits the romper.  Since I took these pictures I took in the armscyes (it was a little bit of a pain because I was sort of meticulous with the finishing work on the inside.) I also added an inch and a half of elastic to both leg openings and removed the waist casing.  The romper turned into a bubble romper, hopefully these changes will make it possible for Mina to actually wear it as an outfit.  I dressed her in it on Saturday with a cardigan and a pair of BabyLegs.  It was cute but you couldn't really see the romper.

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