Monday, July 23, 2012

Marvelous Wonderettes and James

Midvale Art's production of The Marvelous Wonderettes closed on Saturday after a great run. The cast and crew did a great job!   There was a really nice review on the Utah Theatre Bloggers Website.  Check it out here!  My parents, James' parents and Jordan and Lindsey came with us closing night to see the show.  We went to Morelia before and it was so good, as usual.  Due to the fact that the producer is a family friend, James was pulled on stage not once but twice as "Mr. Lee."  He was not terribly excited but he hid it well.  When they came the first time he held up my left hand and pointed to my stomach.  It was really funny.
The girls serenading James 

The dresses from West Side Story looked so good!
I'm sure he thought he was safe after that but the girls got him again for Act II.  This time when James went up on stage he took his ring off, funny.
It was at this point that I told James he wasn't off the hook

They got him again!
My husband is such a good sport

I can't believe I'll be 37 weeks on Wednesday.  My Mom had me at 37 weeks so I'm a little nervous for this week.  Looks like I should be really productive so I can get things out of the way.  Although, knowing my luck I'll be really productive and she'll be late.  Ironic.

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