Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picture update

The following is a bunch of pictures that I started to take at the beginning of the break, I thought I use them in my blog and I also thought I would take more pictures.

First up, the "decorations" from our apartment. I figured our place is small enough and we were planning on leaving for the whole break. Thanks for the Christmas cards!
Next up, the pretty drive through Sardine Canyon:
Even James was excited to go on break:
The next picture is my Mom coming into the house at the beginning of her surprise party. She was really surprised.

Nice face Alex...
My brother and his girlfriend made this sign:
Here is Hil presenting our Mom with her birthday cake. Believe it or not, our Mom is 50. I don't think she looks like it at all.
Jordan the lumberjack and Avery.
The candles from her cake:
Avery and her computer from her grandparents, she likes to send "e-mails."
A better picture of the Christmas stocking for James. The elf on the left is Eric Clapton, the one in the middle is Paul McCartney and the one on the right is Mick Ronson. Awesome.
And the final picture is my re-organized make-up tray. It's sort of a ridiculous quantity but it was just Christmas...
I know it doesn't look organized, but it really is. The face stuff is on the right side of the box, the lip and cheek stuff is on the left side and the eye stuff takes up the rest of the box. I love make-up.


Erin said...

I thought I was the only one who kept make up in a box! Fun pictures!

Alexis said...

Love the randomness!!! More pictures of you please!!! ;)