Friday, January 7, 2011

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation (warning: there be lists)

This past Christmas was part of many firsts. There was the obvious, (our first as a married couple) but there were also a few that weren't as...obvious.
  1. Raclette. It's a cheese and a meal, all in one. Apparently it got started when some Swiss shepherds placed some cheese on rocks near a fire and realized that melted cheese tastes really good. Anyhow, it's a tradition that James brought back from his mission to Switzerland. We had it three times over the break, coincidentally, every Friday. We ate on the 17th at a party with James' parent's friends, then we ate it Christmas eve and on New Year's Eve. It was really good.
    Note: If you purchase this type of cheese, melt it first. It stinks and it isn't as good unless it has been cooked.
  2. My Mom turned 50! We (the kids) threw our Mom a surprise party. I think a good time was had by all and Mom was mostly surprised.
  3. I got a kiss at midnight on New Year's. Yep. First time. I'm glad I finally hit that milestone.
  4. I got sick, twice. The week of Christmas I got a stomach bug and then this past week I've had a cough. It's been sort of frustrating but hopefully it means I won't be sick during the semester. And last up, related to #4...
  5. I took my first pregnancy test. I was throwing up and as much as people like to tease newlyweds I didn't want to chance it. No worries, it was negative. As much as we would like to start our family right now, it's not the right time. I mean, we're BOTH in grad school and we're lucky if we take care of each other. We plan on starting that project next year. Uh, I'll keep you...posted?
And that's it! That is basically the exciting parts of the break. James worked a bit (got sick right before Christmas) and I watched an unhealthy amount of TV. Looking back at it I sort of shake my head in disgust but it's not like I'll be watching a lot once school starts. But, I did sort of learn stuff:
  1. As conservative as I am I felt like a total wild child when I watched part of the wedding special for the Duggar's oldest son. It was a re-run, apparently they are working on their second baby. I was shocked when I heard that the two had never been alone together and their first kiss was going to be as a married couple. Yowza. I understand waiting until you're married to have sex (hello, we did) but not spending ANY time together? James and I were able to get to know each other because we spent so much time together. Like I said, I sort of felt like a hellion watching this special.
  2. If Gordon Ramsay tells you to do something with your failing restaurant, it's probably a good thing to do it. If not, you'll probably continue to fail and he'll spew a stream of profanity at you. Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares was oddly watchable, especially when the restaurant owners do exactly what he says without throwing too much of a tizzy fit.
  3. MTV's I Used To Be Fat. Hello, awfulness! I watched one episode and it was like a train wreck. The episode I watched featured a girl named Marci who had been home-schooled and enabled by her mother. She didn't eat dinner with her parents who ate "normal" food, instead Marci would eat fast food in her bedroom, purchased by her mother. Enter a tough talking trainer (there are no other kinds according to television) and she is on track to lose 90 lbs in 90 days. Just like "The Biggest Loser" I found myself sucked in, wondering if she was going to reach her goal. Spoiler alert: she does.
  4. The E! channel is awful. Full of garbage. Hardly redeemed by the Soup. Ugh.
That's about it. I can't believe I'm starting my last year of grad school. Heck, it seems like just yesterday I was starting my first year. Wow. It'll be December before I know it and I'll be DONE.


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Nat and Justin said...

You crack me up Linds....loved this and thanks for the smile! =)