Saturday, January 29, 2011


We had a very productive morning, food-wise. First we picked up our "Bountiful Baskets" order. It's pretty cool, we pay $15 and get a bunch of vegetables and fruits. Granted, we don't get to choose but it is SO worth it!
We got strawberries and a cantalope! I was so excited!
After that we went to Gossner's to buy a bunch of economy cheese. It's basically the odd shaped pieces so it's cheaper. We bought about six pounds of colby-jack, mozerella, swiss, cheddar and muenster. We spent about $15 on it. Not only was it inexpensive but it is REALLY good cheese!
And, another picture of my rough draft set.


Dannon Loveland said...


Candice J said...

I wish I had access to that fruit and veggie plan. That's awesome!

Alexis said...

wow! that is so great! I checked out that website and I am so doing it!!!!

Christina said...

I get Bountiful Baskets every week and I love it, it makes us eat better. (and I have a juicer so I just juice whatever we don't get eaten in a week)